Noxolo Dlamini

Noxolo Dlamini. Image via Twitter @strongblacklead

Noxolo Dlamini scores lead role in ‘Death of a Whistleblower’

Award-winning actress Noxolo Dlamini leads the cast of upcoming South African political thriller, ‘Death of a Whistleblower’.

Noxolo Dlamini

Noxolo Dlamini. Image via Twitter @strongblacklead

Jiva actress Noxolo Dlamini portrays a bold and strong investigative journalist in a fictional thriller, Death of a Whistleblower.

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Weekend Argus reports that actress Noxolo Dlamini will portray journalist, Luyanda Masinda in Death of a Whistleblower.

Her character narrowly survives the assassination of her whistle-blower lover and joins forces with his inside man, Albert. The pair plan to expose the deep-rooted state capture of military assets by a corrupt and powerful South African security group.

Dlamini will star alongside Irshaad Ally (SuidoosterFour Corners), Sthandiwe Kgoroge (Shaka iLembeMandela: Long Walk to Freedom) and Deon Coetzee (Silverton Siege).

The film will screen on Amazon Prime’s streaming platform on 28 February, 2024.

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Death of a Whistleblower is inspired by the recent stories of real-life South Africa’s whistle-blowers. The film takes a deep dive into South Africa’s struggle over state capture and the sheer power of principled speech.

Bizcommunity reports the filmmakers chose the path of a fictional thriller to highlight the challenges faced by local whistleblowers over the past 25 years.

Film-maker Ian Gabriel says: “One cannot overestimate the courage of those who have risked life and limb to expose the corruption that pervades our society.”

“The film is a homage to the few brave and principled truth tellers and journalists who continue to battle for the right to reveal truth in an age of unprecedented, manufactured reality.”

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