Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai on a vacation in Cape Town. Images: Instagram @maphephandaba

‘She’s for the streets’ – Nadia Nakai hangs out with a Congolese business tycoon [watch]

Rapper Nadia Nakai made headlines after her video with a Congolese business tycoon in Cape Town went viral.

Nadia Nakai

Nadia Nakai on a vacation in Cape Town. Images: Instagram @maphephandaba

Hip Hop rapper Nadia Nakai and her friend Eva Modika are topping trends after their video living it up in Cape Town made rounds on social media.

The now-viral video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on the internet. Against the now-viral video, Mzansi quickly flooded social media with their two cents.

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It’s barely eight months after Nadia Nakai’s boyfriend Kiernan “AKA” Forbes lost his life outside Wish restaurant in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. In the backdrop of his death, his girlfriend refrained from using social media, but she is back online and performing.

However, upon her return, her outfit choices and dance moves have often thrust her into the top trends on social media. Nadia Nakai reportedly promised AKA’s parents to mourn the star for at least a year, but that hasn’t been the case.

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In recent months, she has made all sorts of headlines. Is she done mourning? She is trending after her video partying with a Congolese business tycoon went viral. She was with Eva Modika.

Rumour mill has it that they were in Cape Town on a vacation. They have undoubtedly flooded their social media feeds with sizzling content while on vacation. They were seen dancing and sipping champagne on a yacht in some videos.

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Against the video, fans shared their mixed reactions.

@Ndamusa10 commented, “Why can’t you let her live her life in peace coz everyone has his or her own scandals bathong!”

@visse_ss posted, “She is proof that one should never sacrifice one’s life for a woman. She’s for the streets, back in the market.”

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@_Nadimadisha said, “The economy is so bad, my goodness.”

@Andile_Nogabu commented, “It’s really hard to commit in our Generation & you just cannot trust anyone.”