tito mboweni, jacob zuma, mk party

Tito Mboweni has questioned Jacob Zuma’s political loyalty in a tweet.
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@tito_mboweni/ @umkhontowesizwex

Tito Mboweni throws shade at Zuma: ‘Why did you do this?”

ANC veteran Tito Mboweni has taken aim at MK Party’s Jacob Zuma and his political allegiance. Take a look…

tito mboweni, jacob zuma, mk party

Tito Mboweni has questioned Jacob Zuma’s political loyalty in a tweet.
Images via X:
@tito_mboweni/ @umkhontowesizwex

Longstanding ANC member Tito Mboweni has questioned  MK Party leader Jacob Zuma, whom many have accused of being a “sell-out.” 

The former Minister of Finance has been vocal about his allegiance to the party and President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Despite getting over two million votes and earning 45% of the votes in KwaZulu-Natal, the new party has not secured enough seats to form a provincial government. They’ve also rejected an offer to join the Government of National Unity (GNU).


Over the weekend, Tito Mboweni expressed his frustrations with South Africa’s political state of affairs.

Posting a picture of Jacob Zuma, he tweeted: “Honestly speaking, why did you do this to us? Is it personal, economic, political, or what? Tell us!”

In the comment section, many X users shared their opinions about Zuma’s decision to forge his own path.

Speaking to EWN last month, Zuma – who resigned as president in 2018 – claimed that he formed the MK Party in a bid to “rescue the ANC.”

“I am a leader of uMkhonto weSizwe to correct the wrongs. They are the ones who need to be corrected”.

Zuma said of President Cyril Ramaphosa: “He misled the ANC; he never led them properly.”


Meanwhile, Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma, has stated that her father is “not a sell-out” amid criticism of the MK Party.

She tweeted over the weekend: “President Zuma has not and will not betray us or sell out! That GNU party will be short-lived, and MK will be ready. 

She added: “MK Party is now not only fighting WMC (white monopoly capital), MK is now fighting an apartheid government!”


Meanwhile, Jacob Zuma will address MK Party supporters on Sunday, 16 June at an undisclosed location.

The 82-year-old will “cover a range of topics that are vital to the national discourse and the future trajectory of the nation.”

One of the topics likely to be discussed is the MK Party’s claims that they were “rigged” of votes by the IEC in the elections last month. Zuma and his daughter Duduzile have sensationally claimed that their party won “two-thirds” of the votes.

According to the SABC, the MK Party has turned to the Electoral Court seeking an order declaring the elections were not free and fair and, therefore, invalid.

The party is seeking an order from the court directing a re-election.