Master KG Nkosazana Daughter

Nkosazana Daughter and Master KG. Images: Instagram @viral trends

‘Makhadzi was a sister too’: Mzansi reacts to Master KG’s ‘relationship’ with Nkosazana Daughter

‘No doubt they always start as siblings,’ Mzansi react to Master KG and Nkosazana Daughter’s rumoured relationship.

Master KG Nkosazana Daughter

Nkosazana Daughter and Master KG. Images: Instagram @viral trends

Award-winning singer Master KG has set the record straight about his alleged relationship with Nkosazana Daughter. The two have been making headlines after the rumour mill said they were dating.

However, despite ignoring the rumours for months, the two recently downplayed the allegations. Master KG made it known that Nkosazana Daughter was family.


No doubt, Master KG and Nkosazana Daughter have fast become one of the most powerful duos in the South African music industry. The two have been dropping hits, and they have been busy and booked.

However, Nkosazana Daughter was the first to address the rumours earlier this week. She claims that the rumours have affected her love life because men can’t ask her out because of her alleged relationship with Sir Trill and Master KG.

She posted to her Instagram stories, “You guys are so boring; now men won’t ask me out because ‘She’s dating Sir Trill and Master KG.’ I’m not! Zinja, stop that nonsense; it’s annoying.”

“That time, Master KG is like a brother to me. This needs to stop immediately,” part of the post reads. Against her post, fans were puzzled that she had never been in a relationship with Sir Trill.


The two have been rumoured to be in a relationship for years, and the rumour mill has it that they even share a child. Last year, celebrity blogger Musa Khawula made it known that the two called it quits because of infidelity.

Barely a few months after her rumoured fallout with Sir Trill, she sparked dating rumours with Master KG after their behind-the-scenes videos made rounds on social media.

Barely a few days after making it known that she was not in a relationship with Sir Trill or Master KG, the celebrated producer also downplayed the rumours.

Speaking to TimesLive, Master KG said, “We have a good working chemistry, that’s all, and I take Nkosazana Daughter like a sister. May this be the last time I talk about her in such a story, like we have good music to record. We come [too] far in music to let such claims prosper.”


However, Master KG’s remarks quickly implicated his failed relationship with Makhadzi. The two called it quits not once, not twice, but thrice. Before going public, Master KG, with their relationship, the muso made it known that Makhadzi was family, ‘his sister.’

Fans were no doubt quick to conclude that the two might be doing some damage control with their statements. His remarks have since seen Mzansi flooding social media with their two cents.

Here are some comments that made rounds on X, formerly Twitter, against Master KG’s statement. One X user commented, “They always start as siblings.” Mudau Fhatuwani Nick wrote: “Let them talk Master Kg.” Another user joked, “Makhadzi was a sister too.”

One of the users made it known that he was familiar with this script. He commented, “We have watched that movie before. Those words always come from people who are secretly in love.”