Tracy and Felix Hlophe

Tracy and Felix Hlophe. Image via Instagram @felixhlophe

‘Each wife will get a mansion and 2 SUVs’: Felix Hlophe on his polygamous marriage

Gagasi FM breakfast host Felix Hlophe and his wife, Tracy Smith-Hlophe, have asked for privacy as they welcome Ayanda into their family.

Tracy and Felix Hlophe

Tracy and Felix Hlophe. Image via Instagram @felixhlophe

Gagasi FM presenter and comedian Felix Hlophe has said he does not understand why people are bothered that he will be taking a second wife.

The radio presenter told ZiMoja that he can afford the two women in his life – his wife Tracy Smith-Hlophe and his mistress Ayanda.


Felix and Tracy got married in 2018 and together they have two children – Nala and Amile Hlophe.

With growing reports that he is ready to get married again, news the couple first denied, Felix has changed his tune and admitted that he will be taking another wife. The woman in question is reportedly from Durban and her name is Ayanda. Tracy is from Pietermaritzburg, the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal.

Felix told ZiMoja that he can afford both women and will ensure that they have luxury homes and cars.

“I don’t understand why people are bothered by my choice of taking a second wife. It is not as if I can’t afford my wives- each wife will be getting a mansion and two SUV’s each, people must not make my business theirs,” he said.


According to TshisaLIVE, sources close to the Hlophes said it was not easy for Tracy to accept Ayanda at first.

“It’s not easy for any wife to accept polygamy arrangements. It took months for him to persuade Tracy to enter into such a marriage. At first we wondered who is the woman always having dinner with him until recently we saw him with Tracy and Ayanda in Umhlanga having lunch at a restaurant,” said one source.

Another source said: “Felix is looking forward to tie the knot with uMamncane (Ayanda) in September, but everything will be done according to Ndlunkulu (Tracy), Hlophe has received blessings from his elders.”

While Felix confirmed that his wife accepted his request for a polygamous marriage, he denied he’d be marrying Ayanda in September.

“Yes, my wife has finally accepted uAyanda to be my second wife.

“At the moment we only ask to be left in peace. And there is no wedding. The only wedding we are having in September is our traditional wedding. Thank you,” he said.


Tracy also opened up about accepting Ayanda, saying it was not easy at first.

“The matter involving Ayanda still remains private. Firstly, we would like some privacy and respect for the way we have chosen to structure our family. I have known Ayanda for a long time. At first when I met her, I was upset but as I got to know her through many dates and travels, I got to accept her. This is all new for us and we will give information once the time is right.”