Londie London hlubi

Reality TV star Londie London, her children and ex-fiancée Hlubi Nkosi. Images via Instagram @londie_london_official

Londie London’s ex-fiancé Hlubi Nkosi finally addresses child support claims

Hlubi Nkosi has taken to his Instagram Live to address Londie London’s claims that he is a deadbeat father to their children.

Londie London hlubi

Reality TV star Londie London, her children and ex-fiancée Hlubi Nkosi. Images via Instagram @londie_london_official

Businessman Hlubi Nkosi has finally broken his silence on allegations he is a deadbeat father to his two children with singer and former Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) star, Londie London.

The controversial entrepreneur, who purchased a brand new Bentley last week, went live on Instagram on Monday to answer questions posed by his followers.

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During Londie’s interview with rapper and podcaster L-Tido on his YouTube in May this year, she accused the businessman of not being physically and emotionally present in their children’s lives.

“Emotionally, definitely not. Financially he does whatever he wants to do. No one can tell him that the kids need what. He just sends whatever he want to send. Physically, he’s not there,” the musician said.

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However, Londie said that she’d never take him to court because she feels Las though there’s no need to do so.

“He has chosen his path… He chose how he wants to deal with the situation so I respect that.”

The Suk’Emabhozeni singer said that her children will decide when they are older if they want a relationship with their dad or not.

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Hlubi has since disputed Londie’s claims, saying he pays maintenance every month. He further alleged that the mother of his children blocked him and denies him access to them.

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“No one hates their children. Those are my kids and I love them. But, I can’t communicate with or see them because their mother blocked me.

“I always ensure that I pay child support and I don’t care that she never says ‘thank you.’ I know she receives it. Even if she buys Gucci with it, I don’t care. The most important thing is that I ensure that I deposit money every month so my children can be okay,” he said.