kaizer chiefs, khune, rehab

Kaizer Chiefs player Itumeleng Khune has fueled rumours he is heading to rehab.
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Khune for rehab? Kaizer Chiefs fans ‘read between the lines’

They tried to make him go to rehab? Kaizer Chiefs claim Itumeleng Khune will be seeking professional help for ‘challenges he is facing’.

kaizer chiefs, khune, rehab

Kaizer Chiefs player Itumeleng Khune has fueled rumours he is heading to rehab.
Images via Instagram:

Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune has fuelled reports he may be headed to rehab after disciplinary action was taken against him for allegedly reporting to duty after consuming alcohol.

According to the club, the suspended soccer star will have to “attend programmes”, aimed at “helping him address challenges and issues he is facing”.

Itumeleng – who was stripped of his captaincy – has previously appeared intoxicated in public in videos leaked onto social media.

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In the statement, Kaizer Chiefs revealed the disciplinary action taken against Itumeleng Khune.

It read: “As a club that upholds the highest levels of professionalism, in which discipline forms a key component, Kaizer Chiefs initiated an internal investigation after certain incidents involving Khune came to our attention. The investigation was essential in ensuring the proper functioning and unity within our team.

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While Kaizer Chiefs remained mum on what exactly Khune was found guilty of, they did reveal that the player would be seeking professional help.

It continued: “During his absence, Khune will be expected to attend and actively participate in certain programmes designed to support his personal growth and development, with support from the club. 

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“These programmes are specifically aimed at helping him address challenges and issues he is facing, while promoting a positive team culture.

“The club has taken steps to address his transgressions and certain sanctions were instituted, including removing him from the Club captaincy of Kaizer Chiefs.

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“As Kaizer Chiefs, we believe in applying corrective measures to achieve personal growth, and we are committed to providing the necessary support to Itumeleng during this period. Once he has completed the required programmes and met the set expectations, he will be welcomed back into the team”.

khune, kaizer chiefs, rehab
Itumeleng Khune has been stripped of his Kaizer Chiefs captaincy following a disciplinary hearing. Images via Instagram: @itukhune32


Following the statement, many Kaizer Chiefs fans were left scratching their heads over the club’s cryptic comments.

Had Khune been sent to rehab? Does he have an alcohol dependency? When will he return to the club – and will he still be the captain?.

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One fan tweeted in response to the club: “This statement says nothing. The point of communication is to be clear to the recipients of the message. You could have written ‘Khune has been suspended, following an internal investigation. He has also been removed as a club captain. He will need to attend rehab'”.