L’vovo Derrango. Image screenshot via TikTok @smangarero

‘Help me secure a reality show’: L’vovo eager to raise stroke awareness

After suffering a stroke in 2022 that affected his mobility and speech, kwaito musician L’vovo said he wants a show to teach on the illness.


L’vovo Derrango. Image screenshot via TikTok @smangarero

Thokozani Ndlovu, better known as L’vovo, has revealed that he wants his own reality TV series to raise awareness about stroke.

The music artist suffered a stroke just days after his friend, Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo succumbed to the same illness on Christmas Eve that year. Days later, there was rumours that L’vovo had also passed, however, his record label (Derrango Records) moved swiftly to dispell them on social media.


Recently speaking to TshisaLIVE, L’vovo said he needs help securing a show about the illness.

“I need production companies to help me secure a reality show so I can showcase my everyday struggle since I had a stroke and educate the masses about it. No-one has done such a show and it can happen to anyone. Its main purpose is awareness,” he said.


Earlier this month, L’vovo returned to performing after months of recovery. In a clip of his live performance in Umlazi, KwaZulu-Natal – which was shared on TikTok – the Bayang’sukela hitmaker can be seen performing his hit song, Resista, with his friend and singer Tzozo.

In the clip, L’vovo is seen struggling to move around as he would freely move on stage in the past. As he sings, it is also evident that he is struggling to enunciate his words properly.


Speaking to ZiMoja, L’vovo said he was happy to be back on stage.

“I missed performing and getting a warm reception from the audience who love my music was amazing. But I am also taking my recovery one day at a time,” he said.

Giving an update on his recovery, he said: “I can walk, there was a time when I could not walk at all. I know some people still want to see me perform on stage, but I also know I should not put pressure on myself.”

Further speaking about his life after the stroke, he share tgat he has changed his diet and is taking better care of himself.

“I watch what I eat, where I go, I get rest and I take care of myself. I have been receiving a lot of support from close friends who have been there for me since day one.”

His friend, T’zozo said that he would never abandon him: “We’ve come from far and brothers don’t abandon each other. We are working together.”