gayton mckenzie

Gayton McKenzie and a DA member have a tense stand off at his local voting station on Wednesday, 29 May.
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Gayton McKenzie encounters a ‘Karen’ at voting station [video]

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie has branded a DA member a ‘Karen’ after she questioned him at his local voting station…

gayton mckenzie

Gayton McKenzie and a DA member have a tense stand off at his local voting station on Wednesday, 29 May.
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Patriotic Alliance (PA) leader Gayton McKenzie had a tense stand-off with a rival political party member, whom he labelled a “Karen,” at his local voting station during the general elections on Wednesday, 29 May.

The woman was identified as Western Cape legislature’s deputy speaker and Democratic Alliance (DA) member Beverley Schäfer.


In a clip posted on X by SABC journalist Abra Barbier, Gayton McKenzie was seen being scolded by DA member Beverley Schäfer.

The PA party leader was at the Fanie Theron Primary School in Kraaifontein to cast his vote.

In the clip, the blonde woman chastised McKenzie for wearing a party T-shirt, causing a “commotion,” and voting at that particular voting station.

“You got all this Patriotic Alliance stuff going on here. You don’t belong here because you are not registered here,” the visibly irritated woman said in a viral video.

Gayton reacted in equal annoyance, stating: “I registered here. What’s your problem? Do you want to see my house address? I have houses here for more than 20 years.”

He continued, “Your time is over here, where you decide what happens in the Western Cape. You guys used to decide for us; nobody decides for us. I live here”.

Of the “commotion”, Gayton asked: “What chaos? How does it affect you?”

Schäfer responded, claiming that she had received a “phone call” to investigate.

Gayton clapped back: “You are not the IEC. Why do they report me to you? We are removing you [the DA] today. This is the arrogance I’m talking about.

“If I made a mistake with the electoral code, the IEC knows what to do. I have a 100% right to be here”.

Gayton retweeted the video on his X account, captioning it: “Always hear about Karen behaviour. I experienced it today when the DA leader wanted to know why I am voting in this area.”


According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of a “Karen” is “an entitled person that complains to the manager about things that other people would not complain about”.

The name is often used as slang to describe women who lose their temper in public.


According to guidelines set by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), voters “can wear party apparel of their respective political parties when voting.”

However, it adds that “Party agents and candidates CAN NOT wear any party apparel within the voting station boundaries or when voting.”