fikile mbalula, qualifications

What qualifications does Fikile Mbalula have?
Images via X: @mbalulafikile

Passed matric? Fikile Mbalula’s academic qualifications revealed

ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula is accused of failing to complete his matric. Here is what we know about his academic qualifications…

fikile mbalula, qualifications

What qualifications does Fikile Mbalula have?
Images via X: @mbalulafikile

ANC Secretary General Fikile Mbalula has stressed the importance of having academic qualifications beyond matric for all party members of parliament (MP).

But what of himself?

The ANC secured 159 seats out of 400 of the National Assembly (NA) and has joined forces with other political parties to form a Government of National Unity (GNU).

The coalition includes the ANC, the Democratic Alliance (DA), the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), the GOOD Party, and the Patriotic Alliance (PA). Collectively, they represent 273 seats or 68% of the NA.


Last year, Fikile resigned as an MP to focus on his new role as ANC Secretary General.

Before that, he held the position of cabinet minister for the departments of transport, sports and recreation, and police.

In March, the 53-year-old claimed that ANC MPs are required to have a post-matric qualification.

During a press conference in Luthuli House, he said, “[Some] people don’t have matric necessarily, but they do have a qualification by virtue of prior learning, and as a result, they went on to study and get degrees.

Fikile Mbalula ANC Election 2024
ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula. Image: @myanc via X

“Others don’t have qualifications [and] we will cross that [bridge] when we get there, but the majority of people, if you peruse the ANC list, have got qualifications to serve in the legislatures.

He continued: “This time around, the bar has been set higher, in that qualifications is a key consideration in terms of the criteria. Obviously, you can have matric, but it must count for other things and that you have improved yourself beyond matric to get a qualification.”


According to his official government biography, Fikile Mbalula – who was born on a farm near Botshabelo in Bloemfontein – has “trained in Leadership Skills by the Careers Research and Information Centre, and as a Councillor by the Organisation for Appropriate Social Services in South Africa in psychotherapy.”

On social media, many South Africans have questioned if Fikile has completed his high school studies or matric (grade 12).

The ANC stalwart has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations.

In March, the political party African Congress for Transformation accused Fikile of being the “most incompetent secretary-general in the history of the ANC.”

In a scathing media statement, the government said, “If he indeed possesses a valid matric certificate, we challenge him to publicly disclose it as a means of substantiating his credentials. 

“This is the same Fikile Mbalula who depends on his office staff to read and interpret the content of documents and newspapers for him every morning due to his deficiency in rational, cognitive, and intellectual capacities to independently examine and comprehend information. This is the same Fikile Mbalula who possesses limited ability to compose a paragraph in a memo and depends on his staff to generate reports on his behalf. 

It continued: “This is the same Fikile Mbalula who possesses limited proficiency in operating a laptop, yet he holds the position of CEO of the governing party. This is the same Fikile Mbalula who struggles to articulate a meaningful phrase or string a cogent sentence without resorting to humour as a means of diverting the attention of journalists”.