Jimmy Nevis

Jimmy Nevis talks ‘The Masked Singer South Africa’ in exclusive interview. Image: supplied

Exclusive: Jimmy Nevis opens up about ‘The Masked Singer SA’

Singer Jimmy Nevis was ‘taken aback’ by how much secrecy is involved off screen on ‘The Masked Singer South Africa’ set.

Jimmy Nevis

Jimmy Nevis talks ‘The Masked Singer South Africa’ in exclusive interview. Image: supplied

South African singer Jimmy Nevis opened up about his experience on The Masked Singer South Africa in an exclusive interview with The South African. The singer was unmasked as Boombox on The Masked Singer South Africa semi-final, which aired on S3 on Saturday 22 June.


What was your experience on The Masked Singer SA set like?

Even the driver that picks you up doesn’t know who you are. So, I think I was taken aback by just how much secrecy is involved off screen. And it’s just really cool that this whole thing plays through to everyone. So, even your production crew are surprised when people get unmasked.

How did you manage to keep your identity concealed for so long?

Listen, I am so good at managing at alter ego. I’ve done it with me as an artist before but I’ve also think for me this is already such an out there experience so I was already like channeling everything into it, and then I forget about it once I’m done. But again, you are covered from head to toe nobody knows who you are except for one or two people and outside of that it’s honestly fun to be proper anonymous during this time.

Was this difficult when it came to your friends and family?

Not really, I actually you know a lot of my friends are not in the industry. So, a lot of my friendships are based on me being Jimmy Nevis, so I just never really spoke about it. They just knew I was in Joburg for a while.

What was your favourite thing about being a part of The Masked Singer SA?

My favourite thing was probably was the adrenaline which was really cool. There was also this feeling off accomplishment everything I made it through (to the next round). I felt so proud. There was times I was so confused because I was sure I was going hone tonight. But for the most of it, it was so fun and so out of the ordinary for me. I’m usually quite a private person so this was really me putting all off my crazy dance moves on national television.


How does it feel to have made it so far in the competition?

I’m just as shocked as everyone else. I feel very happy that I could have gone that far and it’s just really great to again have challenged myself throughout the competition, I rapped, I sang in a different language, I got two daily sing songs that I loved.

Were you surprised at J’Something’s correct guess that you were Boombox?

I wasn’t too surprised because back in the day I did a mini tour thing with Micasa. So, I was actually like he should have gotten that sooner. But I haven’t spoken to him in a long time so I wasn’t sure he would get it.

Who do you think is the strongest mask left in the competition?

I think Owl because I was always put against Owl and I always thought it was unfair, or he was either before me or after me. So, I was like clearly Owl can like dance and do the most so he was like my secret nemesis but I actually really wanted him to win.