Masked Singer

Andile Dlamini chats to ‘The South African’ about ‘Masked Singer SA’. Images: supplied

Exclusive: Banyana Banyana goalkeeper talks ‘Masked Singer SA’

Banyana Banyana goalkeeper, Andile Dlamini chats about the behind-the-scenes of ‘Masked Singer SA’ in an exclusive interview.

Masked Singer

Andile Dlamini chats to ‘The South African’ about ‘Masked Singer SA’. Images: supplied

Banyana Banyana goalkeeper, Andile Dlamini was unmasked as Rainbow on the latest episode of The Masked Singer South Africa, which aired on S3 on Saturday 18 May.

In an exclusive interview with The South African, Andile spoke about her experience on the set of Masked Singer South Africa and how she managed to conceal her identity until Saturday.


What was the most special part of being on Masked Singer SA for you?

The most special part of being on The Masked Singer SA was being on stage and just showcasing my talent.

Tell us more about how you were able to conceal your identity from the shooting of the series until the episode aired on Saturday?

A very difficult one. You know it was very difficult for me to actually hide my identity but I had to do it. It was amazing how I actually showed my teammates who Rainbow was… I asked if they could just watch the Masked Singer and everyone actually agreed. They were like yeah, it’s interesting.

And someone was like, someone sings like you. I was like “ahh that’s not me.” Then, when they revealed me, they were super excited on the bus because we were coming back from Limpopo after our win in Limpopo and they were just excited to see me being revealed. They were amazed and they were like when did I do it, how did I do it? I am very secretive, like that’s me, I do my things when I want to do it and no one will know about it.

Do you have a favourite detective, and why? 

All of them are my favourites – Somizi, J’Something, Skhumba, Sithelo. So, I don’t have a specific one, I love all of them for specific reasons. I love Sithelo for her comments and how she was dancing when I was singing. And I loved Skhumba, because we come from the same “hood”, Tembisa. I love Somizi (Mhlongo) because me and him represent the Rainbow. I love J’Something because I love his voice and he inspires me a lot.


Can you tell us about any one behind the scenes moment you had on the set of Masked Singer SA? 

So many behind-the-scenes moments. You forget easily that you can’t reveal yourself, when you switch on your hotspot, you forget that you have to change your hotspot name, because a lot of other masks are right next to you. Just to see and hear others perform on stage, that’s the best moment. And you will be like “who are you? You have such a great voice.”

What was it like performing on stage with J’Something?

It was just incredible for me. I enjoyed every moment because he is a great musician and it is something I always dreamt of, performing with him on stage. When I heard he was a judge on Masked Singer, I was like oh my gosh, we needed something like him, his advice as well. It was just incredible to sing one of his songs and him standing up and dancing to it.

For me it was just incredible, MiCasa, MiCasa, MiCasa!!