emo adams, leon schuster

Afrikaans entertainer Emo Adams has rubbished a death hoax about him.
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ALIVE and well: Emo Adams rubbishes viral death hoax

Like Leon Schuster, a death hoax about actor, singer and TV personality Emo Adams has gone viral on social media. Here is the latest…

emo adams, leon schuster

Afrikaans entertainer Emo Adams has rubbished a death hoax about him.
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Just hours after Leon Schuster addressed internet trolls who created a death hoax, fellow Afrikaans entertainer Emo Adams has rubbished reports that he had died.

The kykNET star and his wife, Michelle Gildenhuys, set the record straight on their social media platforms.


In an Instagram post, Emo Adams claimed he had been inundated with calls about his wellbeing following a viral death hoax. This emanated from several TikTok accounts impersonating his wife Michelle Gildenhuys.

“Why did you leave us so soon, my lovely husband,” one of the posts read.

Responding to the concern, Emo shared from his official account: “It was brought to our attention an alarming wave of misinformation flooding social media platforms, falsely claiming that I had passed away. Various fake accounts impersonating both me and my wife have been spreading.

“Initially disregarded, the situation escalated when MY MOTHER called me distraught in the dead of night, tears streaming down her face.

He added: “I can’t imagine what any mother goes through or experiences when receiving such news, especially when NOT TRUE.”

Emo encouraged his followers to be vigilant of accounts claiming to belong to celebrities. He also warned the public never to send money to scammers behind them.


Unlike Emo Adams, comedian Leon Schuster was not so friendly in his warning to trolls. 

In a Facebook post over the weekend, the funny man shared: “I hear I’m dead again. What crazy person posts stuff like this?”

Becoming angry, he continued, “I will kick him there so that he will never be able to have children again. It’s not nice when your people call you and say, ‘I’m so happy to hear your voice. ‘

“This is the sixth time this has happened. Luckily, a cat has nine lives, so at least I have three left! Thank you for your inquiries and your concern and love – these are TRUE friends”.

leon schuster
Like Emo Adams, Leon Schuster has rubbished a death hoax.
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While Emo Adams has proved he is alive and kicking, he also shared news of an exciting new show he is set to present

According to DailyVoice, the entertainer will host the Afrikaans music show Oppi Noot, which will debut on 5 June on kykNET.

The show is similar to SABC 2’s popular singing show Noot Vir Noot, of which Emo took over presenting from veteran Johan Stemmet in 2019.

Oppi Noot is also the brainchild of Johan and his son Carl Stemmet.

Johan said of the show: “Oppi Noot is a fresh, brand new, original format evolving our Noot brand into something completely different yet reminiscent of the fun and interactivity of Noot vir Noot“.