Emtee arrested

Rapper Emtee and his wife Nicole. Image Via Facebook@hiphopmag

‘I got a bit of counselling’: Emtee confirms he’s back with his wife

After visits to the divorce court and withdrawn allegations of abuse, hip hop artist Emtee and his wife, Nicole, have reunited.

Emtee arrested

Rapper Emtee and his wife Nicole. Image Via Facebook@hiphopmag

Rapper Mthembeni Ndevu, who is popularly known as Emtee, has revealed that he has rekindled his marriage with his wife, Nicole Kendall Chinsamy.


During his interview on Podcast and Chill, the Roll Up hitmaker expressed his joy about their reunion. He added that he had been going for counselling during their time apart.

“I’m fighting for my family. [She] gave me three kids. We are still working on it. I got a bit of counselling,” he said.

“We met a couple of times and we spoke. Through us meeting and talking we decided let’s build our family. When we were apart for those few months I was depressed.”

Emtee and Nicole share three children; firstborn son Avery, born in 2015, second son Logan, born in 2018, and daughter Nairobi, who was born last year.

The musician’s fans have been suspecting that he has found his way back into his wife’s arms. What fuelled the speculations in April, was Emtee’s post about a hijacking ordeal he experienced.

Taking to X, formerly Twitter, Emtee said during the incident, he beg hijackers not to hurt him because he has a family to feed.

He posted, “Bafethu. I don’t mean to disturb your job. Just don’t hijack me. I have a newborn, two boys and a wife. I’m tryna feed my kids.”


Earlier last year, Nicole opened a case of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm (GBH) against the Manando rapper, which she later withdrew.

A few months later, Nicole accused Emtee of trying to bankrupt their joint estate after he allegedly transferred over R500 000 from their trust account, Sunday World reported. However, the hip-hop artist later undertook to pay back the money.

In the court papers, wherein she filed an interdict to force Emtee to pay back the money he transferred, Nicole revealed that they married in community of property in 2019.

She stated that she wanted the trust fund untouched until they finalised their divorce. In addition, the court interdict was to stop Emtee from taking loans against their assets, squandering their assets, depleting the bank account of Emtee Records or trust account or selling shares in Africa Trap Movement, as she says that she, too, is entitled to the assets

While Nicole said Emtee has shares, stakes and/or assets in Emtee Records and African Trap Movement, she admited that she does not know the value. She, on the other hand, reportedly does not own any assets except a laptop, cellphone, jewellery and clothing, which is estimated at R100 000