chad le clos, olympics

Who is Chad le Clos dating?
Images via Instagram: @chadleclos92

Olympics hottie: Does Chad Le Clos have a girlfriend?

Gold medallist swimmer Chad le Clos will be heading off the the Paris Olympics soon…will a special lady be cheering him on at the games?

chad le clos, olympics

Who is Chad le Clos dating?
Images via Instagram: @chadleclos92

South African swimmer Chad le Clos is gearing up to participate in the Summer Olympics in Paris in July. But does he have a special lady who will be cheering him on from the stands?

The gold medallist – who was previously linked to 2021 Miss SA finalist Jeanni Muller – will join fellow world champions Tatjana Schoenmaker,  Matt Sates, and Pieter Coetzé in the competition.


Chad Le Clos’s last known relationship was with Jeanner Muller, a former Miss SA Top 5 finalist.

The couple dated for four years and reportedly split in 2022. Just a year earlier, Chad was a big advocate for his Cape Town bae to win the competition.

He captioned an Instagram post of the bubbly blonde: “An unbelievable achievement. You are our Miss South Africa always ..we all love you ..the champ”.

While the couple never announced their split, Jeanni did allude to healing from heartbreak in a TikTok posted in July 2022. Just months before, the couple had posted a loved-up pic of them on Valentine’s Day.

Speaking to the Olympics last year, Chad le Clos hinted that his mental health had taken a drastic decline around the time of his split. The now 32-year-old confessed to being suicidal, depressed, and struggling to sleep.

Things reached a breaking point at the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

“I just remember calling my ex-girlfriend from my hotel room and just crying for no reason,” he revealed.

Since seeking professional help, Chad has been keeping himself busy with training and spending quality time with his family.

He appears to currently be single.


Meanwhile, Chad le Clos’s ex-girlfriend Jeannie D has recently gone Instagram official with her new bae, retired rugby player and reality TV star Greg O’Shea.

Jeannie – now a pilates instructor based in Ireland – and the 2019 Temptation Island winner have been documenting their relationship on their Instagram accounts.

In one post, Jeanni gushed over her bae: “I love doing life with you. It doesn’t matter if we are traveling to see the world or stay at home nights having deep conversations over dinner – it’s all fun with you!

“You really are the best person I know, and I’m the luckiest girl to be loved by you! You deserve it all! I love you so much.”

Like Chad le Clos, Greg is also an Olympian and competed in the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo (which took place in 2021) as part of the Irish rugby sevens team.