Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi and Ardie Sarvea. Image via TikTok (screenshot) @athigeleba

Siya Kolisi catches Leon Schuster’s eye with superb sportsmanship

Iconic South African filmmaker Leon Schuster couldn’t help but notice Siya Kolisi’s impressive ‘sportsmanship’.

Siya Kolisi

Siya Kolisi and Ardie Sarvea. Image via TikTok (screenshot) @athigeleba

South African filmmaker and actor Leon Schuster took to social media with all good things to say about the Springbok captain, Siya Kolisi as seen in a Facebook post shared on Monday, 30 October — this comes after witnessing how the rugby star interacted with his rivals in the Rugby World Cup final in Paris.


The Springboks soared victorious in the Rugby World Cup 2023 final against the All Blacks on Saturday. The South African national rugby team beat New Zealand’s national rugby team 12-11 at the Stade de France rugby stadium. Springbok’s captain, Siya Kolisi touched hearts when he expressed what it means for his team to win the high-anticipated final tournament.

“People who are not from South Africa don’t understand what it means for our country. It is not just about the game. Our country goes through such a lot… As soon as we work together, all is possible, no matter in what sphere – in the field, in offices, it shows what we can do,” Ruck quoted Kolisi as saying.

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Siya Kolisi
Leon Schutser and Siya Kolisi. Image via Instagram @alfredntombela/ @siyakolisi


Mr Bones filmmaker Leon Schuster has since rushed to his popular Facebook page with kind words about Siya Kolisi’s character. In his post, Schuster complimented the Springbok captain for his “sportsmanship”. The filmmaker pointed out that the South African flanker always compliments the opposition team, unlike some of the other teams that competed in the 2023 Rugby World Cup tournament.

“It was great to see the people dancing in the streets, pubs, clubs, and the Roosters in chicken cages!!! There is no machine like the ‘BOKMACHINE. And well done Siya how you prove your sportsmanship by always complimenting your opposition – something the ‘Mama Boys Roses’ the ‘French in a ‘trench’ and the ‘BrookLACKS’ do not have the decency to do!! GO BUCKS….. And they went!!!!! 🙏” Schuster said.

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