Holly Rey

Holly Rey. Images via Instagram @hollyreymusic

‘I’ve been so sick’: Singer Holly Rey opens up about her condition [watch]

‘I always try to showcase a positive attitude’: Musician Holly Rey has opened up about her illness, saying she has been struggling lately.

Holly Rey

Holly Rey. Images via Instagram @hollyreymusic

Award-winning musician Holly Rey – real name Holly Waterfall – has opened up about the struggles of living with diabetes.


November is Diabetes Awareness Month and even though the Deeper hitmaker promised her fans that she’d raise awareness, she told the in an Instagram video that she has not been feeling well.

“The real and sometime ugly side of being diabetic. It isn’t always easy. I always try to showcase a positive attitude towards diabetes but sometimes it can be really hard and I think all type 1 diabetics can relate to that. Wherever you are I hope you know that it’s ok to not be ok. And having a bad day with you diabetes does not make you a bad diabetic 💙 happy diabetes month, ” she captioned her video.

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The singer went on to explain that she has an ear infection and the flu.

“I have been so sick,” Holly Rey said.

“I have an ear infection and can’t hear anything on one side. I have been congested and fluey and I’ve really struggled with my diabetes.”

The songtress explained that having an infection in the body, when one is diabetic, pushes their sugar levels up.

“This is because your body is trying to fight off an infection and that pushes your glucose up. So, I have been feeling really horrible all around. When you have this infection, you’re not taking extra insulin to help fight this infection. Sometimes you miscalculate and It’s like this rollercoaster rid. Everything is affecting your glucose, all the time and making you feel horrible.”

Holly Rey said its much harder to manage the disease when one has an infection.

“If a normal person had the same thing, they would be good in a few days. I am just run down and exhausted. I am just over it. But it’s also normal to feel that way sometimes. You feel like you’re over it.”


In 2020, the 26-year-old shared that she was 11 years old when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.

“When I was younger I would avoid telling people about my condition until it was absolutely necessary to avoid judgement which often meant putting my own health at risk.”

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At the time, Holly Rey said that she wanted to show kids and anyone living with Type 1 diabetes that they can achieve your greatest dreams.

“Having to constantly monitor your glucose and depending on insulin is not a limitation and you do not have to hide it.”