Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau posted a video of herself singing a Disney song. Image via Instagram @mbaureloaded

‘GBV apologist’: Khanyi Mbau slammed for views on abusive men [watch]

Khanyi Mbau opened up about being in an abusive relationship and why she thinks some men resort to gender-based violence (GBV).

Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau posted a video of herself singing a Disney song. Image via Instagram @mbaureloaded

Media personality Khanyi Mbau has come under fire for her views on gender-based violence (GBV).

This comes after the former Abo Mama actress’ sit-down on Mzansi Highlights where she opened up about her past abusive relationship and why she thinks some men are abusive.

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Mbau said she has been a victim of abuse and had to later introspect. The actress and businesswoman shed light on the reasons she endured such mistreatment, adding that some men are abusive because of pressure and because the women in their lives don’t know their places.

“My generation that created this culture, the Queen of Bling culture, it was me covering my wounds with what shines and thought it was gold. But now I went into self nami because I went through abuse chasing these things. I went through loss chasing these things. I lost my dignity. I lost my voice because when you are with a man that gives you all of that you have no voice. You are just a doll sitting on a shelf. I had to go into self because it gave me depression. I had to go in and find myself and I did and I understood that we put these men under pressure and this is why there is things like abuse. There is things like men not matching up.”

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She, however, emphasised that she is not condoning abuse.

“I am not saying GBV is good. It’s also, let’s use the English term a mental thing, But it’s also men acting out. You know when you are smothered? You gonna end up going argh I need to breath. Sometimes GBV comes from that because sometimes as women we do not know our places,” Mbau explained.


X users reacted shared mixed reactions to Mbau’s views. While some said they understand what she means, a greater number lambasted her; labelling her a “GBV apologist”.

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“This is true though, anger mostly comes from frustration and having a partner that doesn’t understand and always wants and wants and wants does result in such acts, it’s wrong but frustration and stress breeds anger.”

“I don’t agree with her, as a man you have an option of leaving that woman who puts you under pressure.”

“She tries so hard to be a woman of wisdom when she’s just well spoken! The wisdom was not in the room unfortunately!”

“She’s not lying about the fact that GBV is men’s reaction to being useless but her blaming it on the woman is absurd. Men will beat up their wives bc they they feel ‘under pressure’, but making it the woman’s fault is dizzy.”

“Being a GBV apologist as a south african woman is mind-boggling.”