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Elton Jantjies’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of abusing drugs.
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‘5 Minutes of fame’: Elton Jantjies’s ex dragged after accusing him of drugging

Elton Jantjies’s girlfriend of three months – Ashleigh Ogle – has been criticised for ‘clout chasing’ after accusing him of abusing drugs.

elton jantjies, ashleigh ogle, springboks

Elton Jantjies’s ex-girlfriend has accused him of abusing drugs.
Images via Instagram:

Elton Jantjies’s ex, whom he dated for just three months – entertainer Ashleigh Ogle – has been put on blast for accusing him of abusing drugs in a bombshell interview.

The TV personality – who began dating the controversial former Springbok in August – made several shocking allegations about her ex, who she split from last month.

But many have accused the woman of “clout chasing” on his name.

Jantjies has made headlines over the past year for allegedly having an affair with Springboks dietitian Zeenat Simjee. He’s also courted controversy for testing positive for an illegal substance.

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Earlier this month, Ashleigh issued a statement of her split from Elton, claiming she was “living in fear.” She also hinted at domestic abuse.

In an Instagram post over the weekend, Ashleigh posted screenshots of a tell-all interview in which she accused Elton of abusing drugs and stalking her.

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She shared: “There are always two sides to a story, and then there’s the truth.”

She added: “Take back your voice, don’t let anyone silence you. This was not easy to do”.

elton jantjies, ashleigh ogle
Ashleigh Ogle has taken another swipe at ex-boyfriend Elton Jantjies. Images via Instagram: @eltonjantjies/ @ashleighogle

In the comments section, many praised the mom-of-one – who has also dated rappers Shogun and FLVME – for speaking out.

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Others accused her of cashing in.

@justine_taai: “You knew he was married, you knew what you were getting yourself into…You didnt think about his wife when you posted every day.”

@jayoi888: “She is an actor on SABC 1 that never got recognised in the 20 years she has been on TV. She just sold her soul for 5 minutes of fame.”

@mividaloca_b: “I’m tired of women who use men for fame.”

@thesurgeonsa: “Disgruntled lover with an axe to grind”

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Responding to critics, Ashleigh Ogle defended herself from the allegations.

She clapped back: “This is not clout chasing. This is about women finding their voices again and overcoming the things we suffered in silence out loud”.

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She added: “I’m doing this for the women he abused that have reached out to me and shown me horrible things he has done to them.”

According to Zimoja, Elton has refused to comment on his private life.