Zahara and her fiancé Mpho Xaba. Image via Twitter @ZaharaSA

‘Drama’ between Zahara’s family and her fiancé Mpho Xaba

While singer Zahara fights for her life in hospital, sources claim that her family and fiancé are also fighting among each other.


Zahara and her fiancé Mpho Xaba. Image via Twitter @ZaharaSA

Musician Zahara’s family and her fiancé, Mpho Xaba, are reportedly not seeing eye to eye.

According to Zimoja, their misunderstanding has resulted in Xaba banning the Loliwe hitmaker’s family from visiting her in hospital.

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“This week an angry Xaba told hospital management and doctors treating Zahara that only himself will visit her, claiming her family wants to control everything yet they won’t pay for her hospital bills,” a source told the publication.

The award-winning singer’s mother, Nokhaya, her two sisters and brother were allowed to visit her in ICU at a private hospital, however, this has all allegedly changed.

“Zahara’s family has been banned from visiting her after he overheard them discussing unsettling money issues yet they won’t pay for urgent medical procedures that need to be done to save her. Mpho put his foot down and said he’s Zahara husband,” the source added.

According to the source, the songtress’s mother is not the issue. However, she has been dragged into the drama by the Phendula singer’s sisters who have been described as “controlling”.

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Zahara’s manager, Oyama Dyosiba, lauded Xaba for all he’s done for her so far.

“That guy is doing an amazing job and acting within his responsibilities. For Zahara to be in private hospital it is because of him. Zahara remains in hospital. We can’t allow everyone to come in as they please. Her state is critical and sensitive. Until she is fully fine we can’t allow certain people.”

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On Monday, 27 November, the musician’s family released a statement confirming the singer was hospitalised and asked for privacy and prayers for her speedy recovery.

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“We wanted to take this opportunity as a family to express gratitude for the outpouring of love, support and compassion for our dearest Zahara since the recent media articles about the nature of her health. For your kindness and concern, and because we know you love Zahara, we wanted to give you an update on our daughter’s health.

“Zahara has been admitted to the hospital for a week following complaints about physical pains. The doctors are working diligently and we await further updates from them.

“Unfortunately, even though our daughter’s hospitalisation has been of strict confidentiality with our family and close friends, that hasn’t stopped the spread of disingenuous information on the internet. We want to stress that any reliable information regarding Zahara’s health will be communicated via her social media platform or by herself. 

“In the meantime, we are asking for privacy on this matter and your continued prayers for the speedy recovery of our beloved Zahara. We trust that she will be back on the road soon, doing what she loves and what we all love her for, healing people through her powerful gift and love of music.”