l tido, AKA, grave

AKA’s friends – including L-Tido – have been criticised for pouring alcohol on his grave.
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‘Disrespectful’: AKA’s friends blasted for pouring alcohol on his grave [watch]

Disrespectful to the dead or just the AKA way? Pals of Kiernan Forbes – including L-Tido – were dragged for pouring alcohol on his grave…

l tido, AKA, grave

AKA’s friends – including L-Tido – have been criticised for pouring alcohol on his grave.
Images via Instagram:

Not for the first time, friends of AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – have been criticised by the public for pouring alcohol on his grave. On Sunday, a group of pals – including muso L-Tido – visited the rapper’s final resting place in honour of his birthday.

In a clip that had the “Megacy” seeing red, the friends doused the tombstone with Cruz Vodka, a brand the slain star had a longstanding partnership with.

AKA’s 36th birthday comes just two weeks before the first anniversary of his death. On 10 February, Forbes and Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were killed by hired hitmen outside a Durban restaurant. 

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In a clip posted by L-Tido, a group of friends were seen visiting AKA’s grave located in Heroe’s Acre in Westpark Cemetary.

The pals took turns pouring bottles of Cruz Vodka in the flavours of watermelon and banana, which the rapper had publicly endorsed. 

“We miss you, bro. There’ll never be another”, L-Tido captioned the pic.

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In the comments section, a handful of tweeps defended the controversial move.

“I think they are just celebrating his birthday the AKA way,” commented one tweep. Another added: “It’s his birthday, it calls for a celebration.”

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Others were offended…

@MasegoBT: “Kiernan was a saved man. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and savior. Stop pouring alcohol on his grave.”

@Tebelelo_Lico: “Clout chasing. I’m very disappointed. Next time, do that to your late relative/family. Leave SupaMega alone!”

@Sir_Tumisang: “The best birthday gift would be pushing to find who the killers are… Not vodka on a grave.”

@ZizinjaAbelungu: “This is disrespectful to the dead.”


L-Tido’s controversial clip comes months after AKA’s other pal, Don Design, was dragged for pouring Hennessy on his grave.

In pics that have gone viral on Twitter, the Jozi  DJ is seen pouring a bottle of Hennessy on top of the coffin of AKA – a move many music fans are not impressed with.

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“I suspect he put muti inside,” said one tweep. “The audacity!” said another.

A third added: “Is that really Hennessy or some muti so that AKA doesn’t haunt him?”

Don Design was part of a group of friends AKA was last seen with before he was shot and killed by an unknown gunman in Durban earlier this month.

According to social media users, the entertainer acted “suspiciously” in CCTV footage from the shooting.