Andile Jali lover graduate

Andile Jali. image via Instagram @andilejali_15

A beauty with brains: Andile Jali’s new lover graduates [pictures]

Andile Jali shared a graduation picture of his new lover as she graduates and many fans called her a beauty with brains.

Andile Jali lover graduate

Andile Jali. image via Instagram @andilejali_15

Andile Jali’s new lover, Somi Ndzibongwana, is now a graduate, and her pictures impressed fans.

Andile Jali showed off Somi for the first time on Instagram a few days ago, and fans loved her.

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Even before they knew much about her character, many fans welcomed her with warm hands. They all said her dress and how she presented herself were proper for a makoti, and they celebrated. Andile Jali was celebrating his lover’s graduation this time, and fans loved it.

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They even praised him, saying he had found a real wife and would have peace.

One fan quickly showed the new makoti love and thanked God that Andile was finally at peace.

“🔥🙌❤️ thanks God, you’re at peace”

Andile Jali lover graduate
Andile Jali. image via Instagram @andilejali_15


On his Instagram, Andile Jali shared a picture of his new lover as she graduates.

Even though Andile did not share the course and institution she graduated from, many fans congratulated her.

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Showing his lover’s graduation picture, Andile Jali wrote a motivational statement that impressed fans.

“Be strong enough to ignore the negative opinions of people, so that your positive spirit could illuminate your true unique colors.” he said.

“You are powerful and amazing ❤️🕯AJ15🙏🙌❤️” he continued.


After Andile Jali shared a picture of her new lover Somi as she graduated, many fans loved it.

Ali “Not Lorch’s ex. I don’t know what you were thinking with that girl”

🌍 HelviaZwane 🌍 “We need to normalise loving seeing people happy. Wishing you both love, light and protection. Camagu! 🙌🏽🖤🙏🏽”

Nandy Nandos “She is gorgeous mkhaya wam. Those negative opinions are definitely from miserable people, mxelele avale iindlebe, and look unto God and you nje qha. Congratulations ngako konke, she is beautiful too 🔥❤️”

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Mncedi Qata “Congratulations MaDlamini👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Well deserved.”

thandi4295 “You chose well this time & prioritise your peace. Not that Nokuphiwa woman.”

Pensy “Hawu, kanti didn’t you and ex Nyoso 3? Ay let me tool😂”