Jub Jub Moja Love looting

Jub Jub has apologised to Kelly Khumalo. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

‘Let them steal if they have to steal’: Jub Jub weighs in on looting [watch]

Jub Jub made controversial remarks on looting and Metro FM presenter presenter Lerato Kganyago thinks he’s sending the ‘wrong message’.

Jub Jub Moja Love looting

Jub Jub has apologised to Kelly Khumalo. Image via Instagram @official_jubjub.

Hip-hop artist and television host Molemo Maarohanye, popularly known by his stage name Jub Jub, took to Instagram on 12 July to express his thoughts on the ongoing looting taking place in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng. 


In a 34-minute-long video posted to his Instagram, where he has one million followers, Jub Jub said he was really disturbed and disgusted by people who are living easier lives calling out those who have been looting. 

“How dare you judge and call another black person HOLIGAN!! Just because you comfortable….I don’t condone looting. What did you expect to happen if they have been misled and lied to for years???” Jub Jub captioned the video. 

“Let them steal if they have to steal, let them do whatever because the government has not provided that,” said Jub Jub in the video. 

“This was bound to happen! People are starving. When last did that family have food? When last did they eat meat?,” he continued. 

Stealing is ‘common sense’

He agreed that some people were taking items that they did not need but he said that the stealing was “common sense” because they would sell their stolen goods and use that money to take care of their family. In addition, Jub Jub called out fellow celebrities for not speaking out against the unrest. 

“I’m talking about my fellow celebrities … everybody is not saying a word, but you see them releasing and then they expect the same people on the ground to buy their music,” said Jub Jub. 

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Taking to the comments section of the video, many people agreed with Jub Jub’s thoughts and supported his point of view.

“Finally someone said it. I feel relieved with Jub Jub’s words,” wrote @cream_of_white_hart_lane. 

“I love you even more for your bravery????❤️????????????????watched the entire live and I’m here for your message. The nations are crying ????LET THEM!,” wrote @sihle_sav. 

However, other social media users had a totally different outlook. 

“With all due respect grootman.The is a lady that works at shoprite In Jabulani Mall in soweto, she support her two kids alone as a single mother because the father ran away years ago,” wrote @tiyiselani_tee_chauke. 

“The shop got burnt down by looters and took all the stock before burning it. The white man owning the shop decided to take the insurance payout and not reopen the shop.The lady is now sitting at home with her two kids not knowing where the next meal will come from because their mother is now out of work,” he continued. 

“In situations such as this we are just shooting out self on the foot and this is hooliganism. That’s my opinion,” he added. 


Metro FM presenter Lerato Kganyago thought that Jub Jub was sending out the “wrong message”. 

“I’m an artist and I’m saying your generalisation is problematic. Some of us have been speaking, you sending the wrong message, my brother with all due respect,” commented Kganyago on Jub Jub’s post. 

“This is a result of what has been happening for the past couple of years, from one president to another, let’s not have selective rage,” she continued.

Kganyago’s commented rubbed the Uyajola 9/9 presenter the wrong way and he hit back in the comments section saying he is not here to talk about politics and let this be the first and last time she comes for him.

“This is what bores me … Who appointed you as the minister of the right messages of South Africa? I’m not here to talk about politics,” replied Jub Jub. 

“I’m talking about people who think they have a right to judge the poor based on their position of privilege. Let this be the first and last time you try and come for me,” he continued. 

Heated argument between Lerato Kganyago and Jub Jub on Instagram. Image via screenshot.

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