Thami Ndala

Thami Ndala’s net worth is estimated to be around R1 billion. Image via Instagram @leratokganyago

Lerato Kganyango’s husband: Thami Ndala’s net worth and more

Have you ever wondered who and what Lerato Kganyago’s husband Thami Ndlala is worth? Here’s a look into his net worth and more…

Thami Ndala

Thami Ndala’s net worth is estimated to be around R1 billion. Image via Instagram @leratokganyago

After Thami Ndlala surprised his wife by booking out the whole FNB/Soccer City Stadium, and hosted a live concert with his wife’s favourite musicians just for the two of them in 2021, and then assisted her in renovating her 5-star boutique hotel, with a spa and restaurant, located in Northcliffe, Johannesburg last year, people in Mzansi dubbed Valentine’s Day as Lerato Kganyago Day, Times Live reported. Here’s a look in Thami Ndlala’s net worth and more


Thami Ndala
Valentine’s Day was dubbed Lerato Kganyago day by South Africans after seeing the type of gifts she gets on the day from her husband Thami Ndlala. Image via Instagram @leratokganyago


  • Full name: Thami Ndlala
  • Date of birth: According to several sources, he was born in 1980; the specific day and month are not available
  • Birthplace: Mpumalanga province
  • Nationality: South African
  • Marital status: Married to South African radio and TV personality Lerato Kganyago
  • Occupation: Businessman, Entrepreneur
  • Net worth: According to several sources, he is estimated to have a net worth of R1 billion


According to Briefly, Ndlala’s father Chief Joe Ndlala is reportedly a well-known social worker.

Thami reportedly has a younger brother and an older sister.


When he was a child, Thami was reportedly enrolled in boarding school.

He reportedly studied for a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business Studies but later dropped out.


Thami’s career is said to have started shortly after leaving campus, where he joined the corporate world for a while before venturing out as his own boss.

He began building his empire and founded an umbrella company named Ndalayemandla Group of Companies Limited.

The company reportedly became a success and currently has subsidiaries in various industries, including recreation, education, transport, security, and media/entertainment industries.

Some of the subsidiaries reportedly include Two Ndlala Brothers, which deals with luxury transportation. Another subsidiary, Thami Ndala Holdings, deals with consultations, asset acquisition, project management, business development, and management consulting.

He is also said to have founded Adorantha Investments Limited. The company reportedly provides health awareness, healthcare counselling, as well as training based on a holistic approach.


Thami and his wife, media personality Lerato Kganyago, reportedly got married, and just two months after, the couple made headlines when Kganyago announced they were separating. It was reported that she had cited “differences in priorities” as part of her other reasons for parting ways with her husband.

However, the businessman was reported to have wooed Kganyago with a second proposal, and she accepted the proposal.

In 2021, the stunning media personality reportedly revealed that she was pregnant and had a miscarriage.


The businessman reportedly owns multiple properties across the country, and one of them which has aroused interest is the mansion in Sandhurst, Sandton, Johannesburg.

The property reportedly sits in one of the wealthiest suburbs, with neighbours like President Cyril Ramaphosa and many other politicians are reported to be residents in the area.


According to several sources, Thami owns a fleet of luxury vehicles. He reportedly owns a Bentley, Rolls Royce Phantom, and a Ferrari.


According to Zalebs, although it is widely believed that Ndlala had amassed his riches through his various successful business chains, the wealthy businessman reportedly found himself on the wrong side of the law a couple of times.

He reportedly made headlines in 2020 after it emerged that he owned two identification documents with different dates on each of them. The other document reportedly indicated that he was born in 1988. Meanwhile, the other one indicated that he was born in 1981.

Zalebs then reported that Ndala was once accused by popular Twitter user Mans Not Barry Roux of allegedly having scammed several retirees of their pensions. He reportedly advised them to invest in his forex trading company and left them hanging dry.

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