Did Lee-Ann Liebenberg just ap

Model Lee-Ann Liebenberg apologises to Emily Kark. Image via Instagram @leeann_liebenberg.

Did Lee-Ann Liebenberg just apologise to ‘Emily Kark’ about Nicky?

After calling out Emily Kark on Instagram for allegedly being her husband Nicky van der Walt’s ‘side chick’, model Lee-Ann Liebenberg has officially apologised.

Did Lee-Ann Liebenberg just ap

Model Lee-Ann Liebenberg apologises to Emily Kark. Image via Instagram @leeann_liebenberg.

Model Lee-Ann Liebenberg has officially apologised to Emily Kark via her Instagram Story after calling her out for being involved with her husband, entrepreneur Nicky van der Walt, on Friday 2 July.


Taking to her Instagram Story where it all began, Liebenberg has issued an official public apology to a woman named Emily Kark. 

“I retract and apologise to Emily Kark for the allegations I made about her on 2 July 2021 on my Instagram page,” wrote Liebenberg on Instagram.

Lee-Ann Liebenberg apologises to Emily Kark. Image via screenshot from Instagram.

It seems Liebenberg no longer needs the few days off from social media she said she was taking on Saturday 3 July. 

“Thanks for all the concern, messages and calls! Really appreciate it! Going to take a few days off! Lots of love xoxo,” wrote Liebenberg on Instagram at the time.


Although not confirmed, Emily Kark seems to be Nicky van der Walt’s “other woman” judging from Liebenberg’s posts. 

On Friday, Liebenberg called out Emily Kark via her Instagram Story, telling her she can have “him”. We can safely assume the “him” she was referring to is her husband as he also responded to the allegations.

“I have not been hacked…Emily_Kark, you can have him,” wrote Liebenberg on Instagram.

Liebenberg’s post sent social media users into a frenzy trying to figure out what happened and who “Emily Kark” is.

Following Liebenberg’s public call-out, the owner of the social media account @emily_kark deleted the account.

However, tweeps were quick to find the social media user and posted a screenshot of her Instagram profile on Twitter.

Screenshot from Instagram. Image via Twitter @raessarazak.

While other online sleuths found pictures of her… 



In a follow-up to her “You can have him” Instagram Story, Liebenberg said that she and her husband have decided to go their separate ways.

However, taking to Instagram on Saturday 3 July, the entrepreneur said that they are not getting divorced and Liebenberg is actually suffering from postnatal depression as she recently gave birth to their son, Jagger.

Model Lee-Ann Liebenberg with four-month-old son. Image via Instagram @leeann_liebenberg.

“In response to my wife’s post. I love her and my children dearly and with all my heart. We are not getting a divorce. Lee is suffering from deep PPD (postpartum depression) and all I can do is try be there for her for the best of my family whom I love and respect with my whole being,” wrote Nicky Van Der Walt on Instagram.

I ask everyone please to give us space to work through this and respect our family and pray for her to get better so we can put it behind us and focus on our beautiful children. Lee-Ann I love you with my heart baby @leeann_liebenberg Always and forever,” he continued.

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