Lebo M has been rumoured to be the South African who compared Meghan Markle to Nelson Mandela.
Images via Twitter

Is this ‘evidence’ Lebo M compared Meghan to Mandela? [watch]

Is this the moment where ‘Lion King’ composer Lebo M allegedly compared Meghan Markle’s royal wedding to Nelson Mandela’s prison release?


Lebo M has been rumoured to be the South African who compared Meghan Markle to Nelson Mandela.
Images via Twitter

Now that South African actor John Kani has rubbished rumours he compared Meghan Markle to former president Nelson Mandela, all eyes are on his The Lion King colleague Lebo M.

The local composer and playwright have been put in the hot seat after the royal relayed the bizarre statement earlier this week.

In an interview with The Cut on Monday 29 August, Meghan claims that a South African cast member of The Lion King pulled her aside at the 2019 London premiere, during which they made the controversial comparison.

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Following John Kani’s comments to MailOnline that he was not, in fact at the 2019 London premiere of The Lion King, tweeps did some digging.

And many have claimed that images and clips of Lebo M greeting Meghan and her husband Prince Harry – and engaging in a lengthy conversation – are “proof” that he made the statement to the star.

They’ve also spotted South African singer Lindiwe Mkhize – who sang the movie’s popular track Circle of Life – at the premiere.

According to Meghan, one of the production cast members approached her and revealed how South Africans had “likened” her royal wedding to a historically significant moment in the country.

She said in her interview: “He looked at me, and he’s just like light. He said, ‘I just need you to know: When you married into this family, we rejoiced in the streets the same we did when Mandela was freed from prison”.

The Cut interviewer added: “Of course, she knows she’s no Mandela. But perhaps even telling me this story is a mode of defense. Because if you are a symbol for all that is good and charitable, how can anybody find you objectionable? How can anybody hate you?”.

Meghan’s comments – or at least reference – was met with hostility from many South Africans, including Nelson Mandela’s grandson Mandla.

The South African tried to contact Lebo M for comment, but he had not responded at the time of publishing.

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Adding fuel to the fire that Lebo M made the controversial quip are his own comments praising Prince Harry.

On Instagram, Lebo M hailed Harry’s statement in January 2020 about distancing himself from the British Royal Family as “inspiring” and “authentic”.


While many are calling on Lebo M to issue a statement surrounding Meghan and the Mandela saga, SA tweeps are expressing their opinions.

@Vicky38127060: “If you have seen Lebo M’s reality shows, you will see how “extra” he is as a character”

@Matt_TsoloL: “Definitely Lebo M! Don’t get me wrong, a lot of us were happy for her, but Mandela happy? Girl, please”

@Anna_Ratcliff_: “Interesting to hear what Lebo M says about it. Particularly considering what the Mandela family said about comparing marrying into a royal family to freedom from colonialism and apartheid. It doesn’t make sense South Africa is a republic, so why would they sing in the streets?”

@according2_taz: “I just honestly can’t see any South African comparing a royal wedding in the U.K. to the release of Mandela. Shame there’s no audible conversation. Lebo M being reduced to being just a ‘cast member’”