Tweeps drag ‘RHOLagos’ Laura Ikeji-Kanu for being the ‘villain’. Image via Instagram @lauraikeji.

‘Laura made herself the villain’: Tweeps react to ‘RHOLagos’

Twitter users are convinced Laura Ikeji-Kanu has made herself the villain on ‘RHOLagos’ after the latest episode released this morning.


Tweeps drag ‘RHOLagos’ Laura Ikeji-Kanu for being the ‘villain’. Image via Instagram @lauraikeji.

Twitter users are convinced reality star and entrepreneur Laura Ikeji-Kanu has made herself the villain after the latest episode of the Real Housewives of Lagos (RHOLagos) released on Showmax today (22 April). 


The third episode of RHOLagos released on Showmax today (22 April) and the show has been trending on Twitter. Tweeps are disappointed that Showmax’s The Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) had unfortunately come to a dramatic end after 12 episodes. Twitter users were used to waking up and streaming the episode on Friday mornings. Take a look…

So, it seems Tweeps are now warming up to RHOLagos. The first two episodes seemed to be more of an introduction to the ladies but the third episode is heating up! 

Iyabo Ojo and Laura had a salon date at the beginning of the episode. Laura then said she had an issue with Chioma because she called her a “client” and not a friend. Iyabo then went on to tell Chioma, who was explaining why she said what she said.

Chioma had been understanding until Iyabo told her that Laura wanted to “slap” Carolyna Hutchings. However, she was “nice” to Carolyna at the event the ladies attended. The drama later escalated after the “slap” was brought up

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Twitter users believed that Laura had made herself the villain of the show.

“#RHOLagos so far I would say my predictions were wrong, I thought Carolyna would make herself the villain start up drama ,cause at  first she had bad comments about the other ladies but Laura is making herself the bad person right now ,she’s even criticizing Chioma all the time,” tweeted @lockdownlifeJabu_Macdonald.

“#RHOLagos Laura made herself the villain of the show ????????‍♂️ and it really makes her less likable on the show,” tweeted @Jabu_Macdonald.

“I love how Carolyna stood up for herself against Laura even though it was painful. Laura needs someone to put her in her place. #RHOLagos,” tweeted @RethabileMokg.

While other Tweeps like Laura.

“Unpopular #RHOLagos opinion; I actually like Laura & I think that she’s the right kind of messy for this show,” tweeted @paballo_patsa.

“I actually like Laura Ikeji, I mean from what I’m seeing #RHOLagos,” tweeted @abbietayo.

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