Lady Du

Lady Du wants to help female artists. Image via Twitter @Ladydu_sa

‘I save 80% of my earnings’: Lady Du shares the big secret to her wealth

‘Wise moves’: Lady Du has been praised after she shared how she has managed to secure herself a posh home and paid off luxury cars.

Lady Du

Lady Du wants to help female artists. Image via Twitter @Ladydu_sa

South African musician Lady Du has solidified her space in the country’s music industry and has built herself a huge fan base at the same time. Over the last few months, she has impressed many with her big purchases and recently shared exactly how she is able to make these purchases.

Needless to say, her fans were left super inspired by her financial advice.

Lady Du shares secret to her success

A few months ago, Lady Du split from her actor husband and shook the internet who always believed the two were doing well together.

Despite her breakup, Lady Du is doing better than ever and I’m a short period managed to buy a property.

She also owns a number of luxury cars which she recently bragged about having paid in full.

After sharing that all her cars are hers, she shared sim advice with her fans who wondered how she manages her lavish lifestyle.

According to her, she saves more than half of the money that she makes and has also invested in property as well as cars and other assets.

“When I get my bookings, I save a big portion of the money, maybe 80%, and spend the rest. Asset investment, buying land and turning it into rooms for rentals, buying smashed cars, fixing and reselling them is what made me accumulate most of my assets” she said according to Briefly News.

Mzansi is super impressed

After seeing Lady DU’s post, many of her fans started singing her praises. Here are some of their comments:

Yonela Mohapi said:

“Wise move. Her style of music or whatever she calls it will not last long. She has a good game plan and the music industry can be very brutal no matter how talented u may be.”

DeeWillz said:

“Wisest Words I’ve Heard From A Local Celeb. I Respect That Young Lady.:heart:

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