Lady Du

Lady Du shared her ‘near-death’ experience saying she couldn’t breath or walk due to her breathing condition. Image via Facebook Lady Du

‘I thought it was my last day’: Lady Du details near-death experience

Amapiano superstar Lady Du detailed a near-death experience she recently had that was triggered by a medical condition she’s suffered from since birth.

Lady Du

Lady Du shared her ‘near-death’ experience saying she couldn’t breath or walk due to her breathing condition. Image via Facebook Lady Du

Amapiano vocalist Lady Du has suffered a medical condition her whole life that does not allow her to partake in intense physical activity. The Dakiwe songstress took to social media to share a recent near-death experience that left her sleeping for days. She expressed that she was grateful to still be alive after the experience and says it’s back to the studio for her.

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Taking to Instagram on Wednesday 10 November, Lady Du shared that her doctor described her as a “miracle baby” because of a medical condition she was born with. She calls it asthma to simplify it for others. The vocalist’s lungs are undeveloped and are too small to carry her weight. 

“Every three months I go do the doctor so they clean my system. Soooo sometimes I’ll look very tired and drained and still give it my all but as soon as I get home I get weak.”

“I’d love to go to gym but I can’t, I can’t sit in rooms with smoke, I can’t eat certain fruits.”

“When you see me on stage performing my best know that as hard as it is for me to breath, I’m giving everything I have,” she explained. 


On Friday 26 November, Lady Du shared that she almost lost her life due to her medical condition. She had a sudden heatstroke and her body went into shock. From the experience, she realised something important about cherishing time with her family. 

“I couldn’t breathe or walk, I’ve been sleeping for the past week. In all of that, I realised how important it is to be closer to my family, everyone carries on with their lives [and] won’t even notice you’re not there or there’s no activity to even ask.”

“I thank God for saving my life, I swear I thought it was my last day. Time to rock, back to studio.” 

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Lady Du has had a successful 2021 as an amapiano vocalist. The singer-songwriter has featured on some of the biggest amapiano songs in the genre including Focalistic and Mr JazziQ’s Gupta and Khanyisa’s Bheka Mina Ngedwa. She also collaborated with Junior De Rocka on a track titled Catalia inspired by the 2011 action film Colombiana.

She was also chosen by President Cyril Ramaphosa to represent South Africa at Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations on 27 September.She danced along to Master KG’s Jerusalema with the Mexican town Jerez de García Salinas’ municipal president José Humberto Salazar Contreras.