Lady Du

Lady Du shares some stellar advice.
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‘This is bulls**t’: Lady Du slams slow ambulance service [watch]

‘Your priority is to save lives’: Lady Du told one ambulance service who delayed assisting her after an accident.

Lady Du

Lady Du shares some stellar advice.
Image via Twitter

It’s no secret that many South Africans – including celebs like Lady Du –  have had enough of service delivery in the country – and that includes emergency services like police and ambulances.

The amapiano singer shared her frustrations about a recent encounter she had with an ambulance service following an accident.


In an Instagram post, Lady Du – real name Duduzile Ngwenya – revealed that she had called an ambulance service to come to the assistance of a young child that had been knocked.

According to the entertainer, she made the call on behalf of someone at the scene. But instead of swift service, Lady Du was frustrated by the delays taken during the medical emergency.

In a clip, Lady Du chastised the call centre operator who demanded details of the child before mobilising the ambulance.

The singer says in the clip: “I am calling you to save the child’s life. You can’t be taking information when someone is dying. You need to take information when you get there.

“The first priority is the person’s life. You could be saving the child’s life”.

In the end, Lady Du became frustrated and even irate.

She shared in her caption: “I have never in my life been so disgusted by our ambulance services.

“A child was hit by a car and has been laying on the floor for 30 mins. One of the people on the scene that know me asked me to call emergency services, and I did. On my 5th attempt one hung up on me because I’m not the child’s mother, the second one hang up on me because I was looking for the cell number, and the other 2 left me on hold. On my last attempt,  listen to how rude these people are, so relaxed!

“We need a change in this country this is bulls**t!”.


It’s not just Lady Du who has had to impatiently wait for help during an emergency – Sindisiwe Manqele revealed that he boyfriend Flabba died after ambulances arrived too late. 

Speaking on Podcast and Chill this week, the woman – who was convicted of Flabba’s murder following a fatal stab wound – revealed that she waited longer than necessary for an ambulance to assist them

She said: “He was alive for like an hour [after the stabbing], but the ambulance took long. Like two hours to come”.

When asked if Flabba would still be alive if ambulances had arrived earlier, she said: “Yes”.


In the comments section of Lady Du’s post, many followers shared their own experiences of being left in the lurch by ambulances.

Anandiking4: “I was also waiting for them for an hour. I ended up giving birth at home”

Life.with_mpho: “A learner also passed away at my school Sir Pierre Van Ryneveld high after a fight. We waited over one hour while he was unconscious ambulance came after 1 hour 20 min”

Anelisazazini: “A neighbour died waiting for an ambulance who told us there is nothing they can do, that he must go to the clinic government. Ambulances are useless, the government is failing us”

Iamnjacobs: “We’ve lost friends waiting for them to pick up a call”

One follower shared the reason why services like ambulances operate the way they do.

Nafukwa_rsa: “Am a qualified basic ambulance assistant. And in my 3 years of working in the field, I realized that private ambulances are owned by greedy people who only care about money and not people’s lives. And the government is not equipped enough to handle certain emergency calls because of corruption”