Lady Du

Lady Du is happier now that she is single. Image via Instagram @ladydu_sa

Lady Du pays tribute in song and words to Mpura at funeral [watch]

Lady Du gave an emotional tribute at Mpura’s funeral earlier today with the amapiano songstress singing a few bars from their single, ‘Umsebenzi Wethu’.

Lady Du

Lady Du is happier now that she is single. Image via Instagram @ladydu_sa

Amapiano star Mongezi Sturrman popularly known as Mpura, was laid to rest at West Park Cemetary in Johannesburg today. The talented musician passed away in a car accident on 7 August. Mpura’s funeral was held at the Protea South Hall in Soweto earlier today. 

Lady Du was one of the attendees of the funeral and shared some words about her close friend and collaborator.

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Lady Du remembered the amapiano star and shared some kind words about him. She reminisced on their time in the studio together. 

“This is a painful thing to do, especially because you were so young. Thank you for everything that you have done for a lot of people. This is your last bedtime story, but we know in spirit you will come alive and you will show us the way.” 

She described Mpura as a purpose chaser, “he lived his purpose, he left a legacy”, she said. 


Ending off her speech, she shared that she was going to leave one thing for her friend. 

Lady Du sang the emotional beginning to Mpura’s hit Umsebenzi Wethu that she is featured on. As she began to tear up, Lady Du walked off the stage and the camera panned to Mpura’s casket in the middle of the room.

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Mpura trended on Twitter as fans took to the app to share a few thoughts about the amapiano star. 

One amapiano fan wrote, “As it is your last day on earth today, I say Rest in peace once again.”

Another wrote, “We will still be dancing zekhethe. You were so memorable, on our birthdays “ngcela nithi hooray” rest in peace brother”.