Images via Twitter: @LadyDu/@BabesWodumoFans

Lady Du defends Babes following jokes about her teeth…or lack thereof

Lady Du has come to the rescue of fellow musician Babes Wodumo who has been trending for a number of reasons this week…


Images via Twitter: @LadyDu/@BabesWodumoFans

Lady Du is done sitting quietly while South Africans trash Babes Wodumo and her career. The singer is one of the many people who have come to the defense of the singer who has been trending all week long. First people were comparing her to dancer Kamo Mphela and then they were laughing at the fact that she appears to have lost her front teeth.

The troubled life and times of Babes Wodumo

Gqom artist Babes Wodumo has been through a lot on social media. The young entertainer has found herself on top of Twitter trends as South Africans discuss her career and how much further she could be if not for all the drama she constantly finds herself surrounded by.

Her latest bit of drama comes after she was spotted having what appears to be a meltdown at a petrol station while local law enforcement tried to subdue the situation. She has since explained what was happening but was still trending after getting compared to Kamo Mphela, a South African dancer whose talent has seen her perform in the UK recently.

While trying to defend her own career, Babes shared a video of herself and her friends hyping up the fact that she too has plaques on the wall. Sadly, people did not notice her achievements and rather started wondering aloud what happened to her teeth.

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Lady Du to the rescue

Lady Du has since spoken out around all the Babes Wodumo bashing and asked South Africans to “put some respect” on her name.

“Guys let’s not disrespect Babes Wodumo please, she has put in the work, she was international before any artist could be, featured on Black Panther, BET nominee, you can never ever compare her, she opened international doors naye in her own way. Put some respect on that girl,” she wrote.

A gesture not well received

While the tweet was supposed to be filled with good intentions, not everyone wanted to listen to what Lady Du has to say. Many of them dragged her for “attention-seeking.” Others however thanked her for speaking up. Here are some of their comments:

@ThaboMayo said:

“Wena relax, we know you wanna gain followers but there is no need to be on top of everything that trends.”

@lizo_swana said:

“100% true. Even though she could’ve reached a level higher or done better at some things, but you’re right she’s done great. Nobody can take that away from her, comparing her it’s being unfair disrespectful to her and unfair to the young girl coming up.”

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