Lady Du Amapiano

Lady Du just bought a new car for her mom. Image: @LadyDu/ Instagram

Money moves: Lady Du buys new G-Wagon and posh house [photos]

‘No man will ever tell me to get out of his f*cking car,’ wrote Lady Du while celebrating her brand new G-Wagon and huge house.

Lady Du Amapiano

Lady Du just bought a new car for her mom. Image: @LadyDu/ Instagram

The last few months have been anything but easy for South African musician Lady Du who has been going through quite a tough time. First, the DJ and singer lost her close friends Mpura and Killer Kau which devastated her. And then she and her husband announced that they would be splitting up. She also ran into some trouble with her management who she previously said was treating her badly.

It seems that it hasn’t been all bad for the star who recently bought a beautiful new home and a brand new Benz.

Lady Du buys new car and house

Duduzile Ngwenya aka Lady Du has always prided herself in being a hard-working woman who works hard to provide herself with everything she desires in life.

Despite going through a bunch of things that left her feeling emotionally drained and vulnerable, she continues to prove that she is quite capable of taking care of herself.

Bigger and better things

Taking to Instagram recently, she gushed over the fact that she was able to spoil herself with not only a brand new Mercedes Benz G-Wagon but a beautiful big property too.

She captioned her post:

“Because I come from nothing, I had to build myself, I had to sacrifice a lot to buy what I’ve always wanted, I choose not to make things about me, you’ll never find me doing things for content for the people!!!! I’m the driver of my own bus, @mercedesbenzsandton thank you sooo much for what y’all did for me today!

“Still abit confused what to choose so I’ll let the people do it for me are we going G or V class you choose for me, but the house!!!!!”

Needless to say, her fans absolutely loved to see it and were soon sharing a number of congratulatory messages in the comment section.

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