Wack 100 claims Kim Kardashian is lying about a second sex tape. Image via Twitter: @kimkardashian

Kim K BLASTED for saying women must ‘get off their a** and work’

‘I wish I was born rich so I could be self-made,’ one person said after Kim Kardashian remarked that women must ‘get off their a***’.


Wack 100 claims Kim Kardashian is lying about a second sex tape. Image via Twitter: @kimkardashian

It was a bad day for reality TV star Kim Kardashian after Twitter users from all over the world slammed her for the “advice” she shared with female entrepreneurs. The fashion and beauty mogul was labelled as “tone deaf” after saying that women in business should “get off their a***”.

Many people remarked that someone like Kim – who was born into wealth – has no right to share advice about hard work with other people.

‘Get off your a****’: Kim K lambasted on ‘tone deaf’ advice for women entrepreneurs

The newly single Kim Kardashian was involved in a huge Twitter storm on Wednesday 9 March this week over comments she made urging women to “get your f*ing a up and work” in her family’s Variety magazine profile.

Many internet users were unhappy with the 41-year-old’s comments about how “nobody” wants to work anymore and wasted no time telling her where to get off.

Her comments were made during her family’s Variety interview during which she decided to offer advice to female entrepreneurs.

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“I have the best advice for women in business. Get your f*ing a up and work,” she said, adding, “It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Instant outrage

The post was met with immediate backlash from Twitter users who slammed the oldest Kardashian sister for being tone-deaf.

Especially because of how COVID-19 impacted the lives of millions of people who have had to choose between making barely enough money and staying safe from the life-threatening virus by staying home.

Many of them also pointed out that Kim was never forced to work hard for her wealth and was basically born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

Here are some of their comments:

@opinion_hater said:

“I wish I was born rich so I could be self-made.”

@cinloou7 said:

“They need to do a real reality show where she is dropped off in a small town with a studio apartment, no vehicle, no connections, and no bank account. Let her take a bus to a minimum wage job then see if she can work hard enough to make it.”

@BigBryC said:

“Yes Kim, people are tired of working 30+ hours a week to earn 1/920 of what you get by doing literally nothing and signing your name to a product someone else developed.”

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