Kim Kardashian and her estranged husband Kanye West. Image via Instagram @kimkardashian.

Kimye latest: Kim apologises to family for the way Kanye treated them

Kim Kardashian apologised to her famous family for the way her estranged husband Kanye West has treated them.


Kim Kardashian and her estranged husband Kanye West. Image via Instagram @kimkardashian.

American reality star and businesswoman Kim Kardashian apologised to her family for the way her estranged husband, Kanye West treated them on the latest episode of their reality show which released on Hulu on Thursday 26 May.


Kim Kardashian opened up about her estranged husband Kanye West writing a rap song about her on the latest episode of The Kardashians. This was infront of her family members – mom Kris Jenner, sisters Kourtney Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner, Kris’ boyfriend, Corey Gamble, and Kourtney’s then-fiancé, Travis Barker.

“He’s talking mad S**t about me,” she said.

“Most men are not trashing the mother of their kids like that publicly. We don’t have to sit here and throw stones back, we take it on the chin,” said Khloe.

Kris notes that the Skims founder “has done nothing but be great” to the rapper. 

“When people are saying disparaging things about any of us, it hurts all of us because one day your kids are going to read all of it and see all of it, and that’s something that everybody has to be really aware of,” said Kris in a confessional.

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye in February 2021. The pair have four children together – North (8), Saint (6), Chicago (4) and Psalm (3).

Kanye West pictured with his children. Image via Instagram @KimKardashian

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Khloe tells Kim that she will never regret being a great person because she will never stoop to someone else’s level. 

“All I can do is control how I react to something,” said the Skims founder.

Kim went on to acknowledge how her estranged husband previously treated her family. She went on to assure her family that she will never let anyone treat them that way again. The reality star took the opportunity to say “i’m sorry, guys,” to her family.

“I can’t control how he treats me or, you know, how he’s always treated you guys,” she said.

“And I’ve protected that for so long, but I said I will never let that happen to you guys again and, like, I feel for once in my life, I feel strong,” she continued.

“I’m not going to let anyone treat you guys that way or myself,” she added.

Page Six reports — Kanye previously called Kris a “white supremist” and referred to her as “Kim Jong Un” in one of his infamous Twitter rants. He also called Corey “godless” and more.

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