Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee exposed one of his admirers DM to him. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa

‘When will it end?’: Prince Kaybee tormented by viral d**k pictures

South African DJ Prince Kaybee shared a message that a stranger had sent to him on Instagram about his penis.

Prince Kaybee

Prince Kaybee exposed one of his admirers DM to him. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa

When Prince Kaybee shared intimate details about his penis on his social media in 2017, he never expected people would still be talking about his genitals almost six years later.


In a deleted Twitter post, the Charlotte hitmaker wrote that his mother had recently asked him to show her his penis. After he showed his mother his private part, Prince Kaybee’s mother reportedly called it dark and said he had been probably burning it in ovens or overusing it, The Citizen reported.

The post read, “Mom asked me to show her my penis and she said you are burning it (or overusing it) my boy, look how dark it is,” The Citizen quoted the post as saying.

Social media users were shocked to read what the DJ had posted and shared the post online and with their friends. Prince Kaybee trended shortly afterwards.

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee’s admirer tried their luck in the DMs. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa


Last year, ANC Free State Legislature Zanele Sifuba’s sex tape trended after it was made public. Sifuba reportedly refused to pay R300 000 bribe and her sex tape was leaked, IOL reported.

At the time, the Fetch Your Life hitmaker shared his take on the matter and said,

“When I look at the Zanele Sifuba unfortunate incident I remember being on the phone with my mother for over an hour after my D**k was doing rounds.

“Had never heard her so disappointed, she cried throughout the call and I haven’t been able to forgive myself, he added.”

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This morning, 14 January, the award-winning musician revealed that people were still tormenting him about the viral picture of his penis even after five years since it trended.

Prince Kaybee exposed one of his fans who casually told the musician that they had seen a picture of his d**k and liked it. On his Instagram, the DJ posted a screenshot of a DM that was sent to him.

The DM read,

“Good morning, I just wanted to say that you have the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen in the history of d**k picks. Ekare ke tla e suna all day long.”

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee’s was reminded of a viral post from back in the day. Image via Instagram @princekaybee_sa

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