Katlego Danke daughter

Katlego Danke, Patrice Motsepe and self proclaimed daughter. Images via savannanews.com

Meet Katlego Danke’s alleged 22-year-old daughter with Patrice Motsepe [watch]

A 22-year-old girl has claimed to be Katlego Danke’s daughter, and fans connected the dots to Patrice Motsepe.

Katlego Danke daughter

Katlego Danke, Patrice Motsepe and self proclaimed daughter. Images via savannanews.com

A young girl claimed to be Katlego Danke’s daughter on TikTok, and fans have since connected the dots to Billionaire Patrice Motsepe.

The Patrice Motsepe and Katlego Danke saga has been a mystery for years that refuses to go away. Whenever the saga gets calm, something comes to the surface to bring out the already public saga.

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This time, nothing to do with Katlego Danke or Patrice Motsepe, but an unidentified young lady claimed to be Katlego’s daughter. Social media is left amazed by such a claim; some have seen how much the young lady looks like Katlego herself.

Indeed, this is the piece that fans had been waiting for to connect the dots between Katlego and Patrice Motsepe. Without saying much, let’s stay; probably, the two celebs will come out and deny this girl’s claim.

Katlego Danke daughter
Katlego Danke. Image via Instagram @katlegodankeofficial


The 22-year-old lady looks so confident that she is Katlego Danke’s daughter. After sharing the video, she claimed to be Katlego’s daughter, and many fans reacted in different ways, as some linked her to Patrice Motsepe. Some fans asked her to provide evidence is she is Katlego’s daughter, and she asked them to Google.

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As a caption on her TikTok post, she said:

It runs in the family🥺🤌🏽

This young girl’s claim has left many fans in awe, and indeed, it is a thing to watch out. Hopefully she is only trying to get attention and not Katlego Danke and Patrice Motsepe’s daughter.

Watch TikTok girl who claims to be Katlego Danke’s daughter


After rumours went viral that Katlego Danke and Patrice Motsepe had a relationship that had a daughter, the two denied it. Both Katlego and Patrice denied such allegations as false. This kind of rumour left Katlego with a name she is not, many fans called her names, and she had to set the record straight.

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Here is what Katlego Danke had to say about her having a daughter with Patrice Motsepe:

“My private life is private, not for everyone to delve into. So I hang out with people I know, and they know me. Out of their own will, they have an added layer of consideration because they understand what I do and what it means to constantly be in the public eye,” she says.

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On the other side, Patrice Motsepe also denied the allegations with a statement below:

“On behalf of Dr Patrice Motsepe, we put on record that the allegations in the media are absolutely false and are fake news. These allegations are defamatory and expose the dissemination of these false and untrue allegations to legal liability,” read the letter.

With Patrice Motsepe and Katlego Danek denying such rumours, it leaves everyone who thinks the TikToker is their daughter. If she is truly Katlego’s daughter, then its only hers but not with Mr Motsepe.