Karen Zoid has been dragged for her comments about AKA’s death.
Images via Twitter

‘Karen being a Karen’: Afrikaans singer dragged over AKA tribute

Afrikaans rocker Karen Zoid has been mercilessly mocked over her tribute to slain rapper AKA, who was shot and killed over the weekend.


Karen Zoid has been dragged for her comments about AKA’s death.
Images via Twitter

Celebrity tributes to slain South African rapper AKA are flooding in fast and furious since his death on Friday, 10 February. But for artist Karen Zoid, her words about the hitmaker’s death were mercilessly mocked.

The Afrikaans singer was dragged on social media after she incorrectly referred to the rapper’s daughter as an “orphan” following his death.

AKA welcomed Kairo Forbes with ex-girlfriend Zinhle Jiyane in 2015.

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Sharing a picture of Kairo and her dad AKA Karen Zoid tweeted: “Another child orphaned because of a gun. Our brother @akaworldwide  shot dead in Durban last night. No words”.

While Karen’s message was well-intentioned, it was the use of the “orphan” that raised eyebrows.

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In recent years AKA and DJ Zinhle shared a loving co-parenting approach to raising seven-year-old Kairo. In fact, every year, both AKA and Zinhle shared social media posts dedicated to each other on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They also supported each other through their various personal and business ventures.

And included in the blended family were their respective partners, Nadia Nakai and Bongani Mohosana

When asked for advice on how she co-parents, Zinhle said in a recent Instagram Live: “You have to get over yourself. Get over the guy. If you hate him, get over it. You have to do this thing for the children. Remove yourself and your things from the situation. Some people are difficult to co-parent with, but you need to be a few steps ahead”.


Needless to say, Twitter users found fault with Karen Zoid’s statement. Not only were they annoyed at the singer referring to Kairo Forbes as an “orphan,” but at Karen’s blame of guns, and not criminals for AKA’s death

@Teymbie: “What is the meaning of an orphan? Her mom is still very much alive.”

@saintlouisheidt: “Kid loses her father to a violent act by another human. Celebrities: Let me agenda the shit out of this and even not mention that the kid still has her mother for a more dramatic effect for my agenda to really push it through.”

@RuthEBrown8888: “I keep a close eye on my guns. Not once has one of them gone rogue.”

@quartermutton: “Because of a gun? Are you on drugs?”

@nickychetty1: “Here’s Karen being Karen.”