Madhushan Singh and Mishqah Parthiephal as Prishen and Jodi Naidoo on ‘Kandasamys: The Baby’. Image: supplied.

‘Kandasamys: The Baby’: Q&A with Madhushan Singh

Madhushan Singh sat down with The South African to discuss his role as Prishen Naidoo in ‘Kandasamys: The Baby’.


Madhushan Singh and Mishqah Parthiephal as Prishen and Jodi Naidoo on ‘Kandasamys: The Baby’. Image: supplied.

The South African sat down with South African actor Madhushan Singh, who plays the role of Prishen Naidoo, on Netflix’s Kandasamys: The Baby.

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Did someone say doctor? Madhushan Singh stars as Dr Prishen Naidoo on the fourth installment of the Kandasamys franchise – Kandasamys: The Baby. The film released on Netflix on Friday 20 October.

Prishen is married to Jodi (played by Mishqah Parthiephal) and the pair are ready to welcome their first baby together in Mauritius.

“The Kandasamys are back and there’s a new addition to the family legacy. In blissful Mauritius, Jodi and Prishen are preparing to welcome their bundle of joy, whilst dealing with the interference of iconic mom and soon-to-be grandmother duo of Jennifer (Jailoshini Naidoo) and Shanti (Maeshni Naicker). It’s all lullabies and nursery rhymes until drama ensues with the mom squad,  who join forces, and have brow-raising ideas on how to welcome and raise the new baby,” reads the synopsis of the film according to Netflix.

Netflix hosted the film’s premiere at Gateway Shopping Mall in KwaZulu-Natal and The South African sat down with the star for a quick question and answer session.

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How does it feel to take the film, and yourself from Chatsworth to a global stage?

I feel very blessed to be in a space where we have these opportunities and to be apart of the Kandasamys franchise. (The franchise) started as a love better to Chatsworth and now followed the families through all the trials and tribulations, laughers and tears and just an organic trajectory of the characters, from where they started to where they ended.

And now to be on their fourth film, which is unheard off in South Africa, to say well now The Kandasamys have a baby! I think it’s such phenomenal moment in my life and I’m sure the viewers are going to fall in love with us all over again.

What was it like filming in Mauritius and with a Mauritian cast and having your baby in the country?

It was such a phenomenal experience because we got to feel the love and warmth of Durban and then go to Mauritius and feel the love and warmth of the community there. They opened their hearts to us, you know, I got to be with the locals, learn some dialect, enjoy some local cuisine and at the same time shoot this fantastic movie.

Did the film give you baby fever?

Yes it did! I came home and told my lady I officially have baby fever now.

How do you think Prishen has grown from the first film to the fourth?

I think in the first film he was still just a kid kind of figuring out what love is all about. The second film he got married and had to learn the concept of transitioning from a boy to a man. In the third film it was about being a supportive partner and the fourth film is about being a father. He had to learn how to maintain your household, your family and of course be there for the baby.

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