Kamo Mphela

A video of the reported home of Kamo Mphela’s mother has gone viral on social media.
Image via Twitter

‘Shameful!’: Kamo Mphela’s mom allegedly living in squalor [watch]

Amapiano star Kamo Mphela has been dragged on social media after a clip of her mother’s reported house went viral…

Kamo Mphela

A video of the reported home of Kamo Mphela’s mother has gone viral on social media.
Image via Twitter

Whilst Kamo Mphela performs in some of the world’s most idyllic destinations, and wears the best clothes that money can buy, her mother is allegedly living in squalor.

That’s the word according to controversial celebrity blogger Musa Khawula who shared a clip of a home reportedly belonging to the singer’s mom.

Kamo Mphela hails from Soweto, and has achieved star success as an amapiano artist and dancer.


Taking to his notorious Twitter account, Musa tweeted: “A look at a place where Kamo Mphela’s mom lives. Kamo’s mom is also said to be drowning in alcohol”.

The video showed off a derelict property in an unknown location.


But who exactly are Kamo Mphela’s parents?

It’s a widely known fact that her father is former YFM DJ, Onitiaf.

According to Kamo herself, her father would take her along as a little girl to music gigs around town. She also claims he introduced her to the entertainment industry. In addition, the star has posted many clips of her dad accompanying her to her own gigs.

But whilst Kamo Mphela has spoken fondly of her father, she has seemingly shied away from speaking about her mom.

She told The Yanos in November 2021 of their “complicated” relationship: “Growing up mostly with my dad, I had to mother myself and also mother my siblings. I didn’t have that talk about periods and how to do my nails with my mom, I had to teach myself those things”.


Following Musa Khawula’s post of the disturbing clip, many tweeps shared their reactions on how they really felt.

Some were angry and disappointed that their idol Kamo Mphela had seemingly abandoned her mother.

@MokweleMmaphuti: “As kids we should take care of our parents, no matter how the relationship is, one of our assignments on earth is to wipe away their tears”

@LwandleEL: “If it’s true then I’m shocked. It doesn’t matter if her mom is a drunkard she should get her a decent place”

@zoe98160229: “Dear Black child. If you grew up poor, it is your responsibility to take care of your family. Build the house, buy the groceries, pay for siblings school fees, buy airtime, buy the car too”

@H_Permza: “You should be ashamed of yourself… hope this makes you sleep at night”


Others defended Kamo Mphela for distancing herself from her mother, who is allegedly struggling with alcoholism.

@TeeTouchza: “She is not forced to support her. And none of yall know how she grew up”

@Impunity2009: ”Kamo was literally raised by her dad. It’s not her fault and she doesn’t owe her mom anything”

@Ndu13554067: ”Parents who are deadbeats deserve nothing”

@valleyvay10: “Guys people with addictions can move out of a mansion and go live in the street. Leave Kamo alone”


On her own Twitter page, Kamo Mphela seemingly reacted to the controversy, tweeting: “Dear mommy you never failed because you gave me all you could & I appreciate that”.

She has not responded directly to the viral video.

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