K.O and Reefer Tym trended on Twitter after Tweeps accused the Mzasni rapper for copying his music. Image via Instagram @mrcashtime/ @reefertym

‘Bar for bar’: K.O accused of copying ‘Sete’ from Ghanaian artist

South African rapper K.O was called out by Twitter users who retweeted a song online that sounded much like Reefer Tym’s song.


K.O and Reefer Tym trended on Twitter after Tweeps accused the Mzasni rapper for copying his music. Image via Instagram @mrcashtime/ @reefertym

Ntokozi ‘K.O’ Mdluli is in dire straits with Twitter people today (17 January) after social media fans heard a song by Ghanaian Musician Reefer Tym titled Feeling for You.

After hearing the song, South Africans were convinced that K.O’s famous song was a copycat version of Reefer Tym’s song.


Twitter user Gert_LeNinja uncovered the Ghanaian song and thought it sounded familiar. He shared the song online and captioned the post,

“Bar for bar, the drum pattern, the sequence, everything dawg. Look at the time stamp. Ntokozo needs to explain.”

The song in question was the popular street anthem Sete by K.O featuring Young Stunna and Blxckie.

 Mr. Cash Time released Sete on his Youtube channel four months ago. Meanwhile, the Ghanaian musician released his song nine months ago.

 Reefer Tym’s song only got 87 thousand views compared to the Sete track, which received over 23 million views.

Since releasing the song in August last year, K.O and the other featured musicians on Sete have topped the radio charts for weeks.

The Mzansi rapper’s song received accolades on YouTube, Spotify, and other streaming platforms within a few weeks of releasing the music.

Last year, IOL quoted K.O, who said,

“The inspiration [behind the song] was to bring three different people from different worlds.

“I had an idea to bring together artists from various spaces [and] that resulted in a collaboration from the amapiano sphere with Young Stunna, the hip-hop/trap sphere with Blxckie, and, of course, I came through with the Skhanada ting,” the rapper added.

K.O and Young Stunna colaborted on a song Twitter users believed was copied from a Ghanaian musician. Image via Instagram @mrcashtime/ @youngstunna_rsa


K.O’s fans and Twitter users were floored after they heard similarities in the songs and rushed to Reefer Tym’s Twitter page. Tweeps plugged the Ghanaian artist on what they had discovered.

The online users praised Reefer Tym for his song; one person even commented that they preferred his song better.

The Ghanaian musician was pleased when he saw the support from his new fans and retweeted Gert_leNinja’s post.

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