Jub Jub uyajola 99

Jub Jub has listed a number of cheating hotspots in SA. Image via Twitter: @JubJub

‘They’ll show you flames’: Jub Jub lists cheating hotspots in Mzansi

Jub Jub has left many laughing out loud after name-dropping some of South Africa’s ‘cheating hotspots’. Take a look to see if your town made the list!

Jub Jub uyajola 99

Jub Jub has listed a number of cheating hotspots in SA. Image via Twitter: @JubJub

South African reality TV personality Jub Jub has made himself a name in the world of cheaters and those who get cheated on. Jub Jub is the host of Moja Love’s reality series Uyajola 9/9 and has seemingly gained a lot of insight into infidelity in South Africa.

He recently shared a list of places people should avoid to keep themselves from getting dribbled.

‘Mjolo the pandemic’: Jub Jub shares some stern advice

Uyajola 9/9 is one of the country’s most popular reality TV shows and almost always packs a serious punch of drama that locals find highly entertaining.

It seems the show, which is very similar to the American reality show Cheaters, has done more than just help South African men and women bust their cheating partners. It has also helped the host of the show Jub Jub become very familiar with the ways of cheaters as, well as some of the towns and city where people are allegedly most likely to cheat.

Cheating hotspots to avoid according to Jub Jub

Taking to his Instagram page, Jub Jub shared a list of places people should steer clear of if they want to avoid getting played like fiddles. He also added that amaXhosa people are the number one culprits to stay wary of.

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“amaXhosa are my people. I know them. They drink and I hang out with them. Don’t tell us you are going to Eastern Cape, eMonti or PE.

Those places are notorious and you wanna go there to look for a girlfriend or boyfriend. You’ll regret it. They’ll show you flames,” he can be heard saying in the clip.

Many locals agree

Many South Africans seem to believe that Jub Jub may actually be on to something. A lot of them pointed out that he missed a few popular cheating spots while others simply laughed.

nozulu_xx said:

“As a Xhosa woman from Gqeberha, I concur with this statement 101%????????????”

siya_tinzi_honono said:

“Even Mthatha will show you flames.”

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