Jojo Robinson Nonku Williams portrait

Jojo Robinson and Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson

‘Waaal’: RHOD’s Jojo Robinson draws a beautiful Nonku Williams portrait [watch]

RHOD star Jojo Robinson has shown how much she loves fellow star Nonku Williams as she draws her a nuanced portrait.

Jojo Robinson Nonku Williams portrait

Jojo Robinson and Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson

The Real Housewives of Durban star Jojo Robinson draws a nuanced portrait of Nonku Williams as she shows her skills.

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It seemed that Jojo had taken a break from one of her passion, drawing. Indeed, she is a talent few can match, as shown by how she successfully reproduced Nonku Williams perfectly.

Indeed, it’s a mix of emotions among the Housewives as they tend to show highly different versions of their relationships. A few weeks ago, Jojo Robinson smashed a class in Nonku Williams’s face as she fell out with others on vacation. Soon she called her husband, who drove to take her home as the plan failed.

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Today, Jojo Robinson draws a beautiful portrait of Nonku Williams, showing how much she loves and appreciates her. Indeed, this is a mystery, and their love seemed unending.

Jojo Robinson draws Nonku Williams
Jojo Robinson and Nonku Williams. Image via Instagram @mrs.jojo.robinson


Indeed, it’s tough to imagine why Jojo chose Nonku for her portrait. Indeed, she must be trying hard to express how much she is fond of her in a way she is talented.

Upon sharing Nonku Williams’s portrait on her Instagram, Jojo Robinson penned an emotional message describing her feelings. She said it’s been a while since she did her art, and she used Nonku in her grand comeback.

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In her caption, she expressed how much of a friend she has made in Nunku Williams. She also claimed that that portrait is the work she has ever done with such levels of joy. This must have meant a lot to Nonku to have someone appreciate you to this level. This is really what working together means when people become such close friends. Here is what Jojo said of her portrait:

So after a long time I finally decided to start with my art again.. I finally feel like I’m at peace.. i started it off with a portrait of my @nonku_williams 💜 she asked me to draw her when she found out I’m an artist.. Drawing nonks was one of my favourite pieces to ever make , while doing it I was reminded of what a special friend I’ve made and how lucky I am to have her in my life.. The strength and loyalty she showed me will forever be appreciated 💚 she is a very special person and I can’t wait to bring this piece to her later in the week. I’m naming this “How to be Brave” because that’s what she makes me feel.

Since boo has also decided to build me an art studio in our current renovation I’ll be able to get back into what I love to do in full swing soon.. 💙

Watch Jojo Robinson’s Nonku Williams portrait.


Indeed, this is a tricky question to answer in a one size fits all scenario. Some housewives like Sorisha Naidoo and Nonku Williams seemed so happy being part of the show. However, this is different with some supporting mates like Sane Bhengu and others.

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Sane penned a message a few days ago as she left the reality show citing many problems. She said she had stress and could not carry on. She started with salary and then came to mental issues.

Indeed, that’s a bad sign for The Real Housewives of Durban. However, Seeing what Jojo Robinson did changes the whole situation.