John Steenhuisen

DA party leader John Steenhuisen has been put on blast over his comments made about his ex-wife during an appearance on Podcast and Chill.
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‘Disgusting’: John Steenhuisen dragged over ex-wife ‘joke’ [watch]

‘During Women’s Month?’: The DA’s John Steenhuisen was blasted over a shady comment about his ex-wife during his Podcast and Chill interview.

John Steenhuisen

DA party leader John Steenhuisen has been put on blast over his comments made about his ex-wife during an appearance on Podcast and Chill.
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The DA’s John Steenhuisen has been dragged on social media for his “deplorable” comments  – during women’s month – about his ex-wife in a Podcast and Chill interview on Thursday.

The party leader sat down to chat with hosts MacG and Sol Phenduka about his vision for South Africa.

But whilst John was trying to drive home his agenda – and appeal to “chillers” – his words about his personal life backfired dismally.


Appearing on the popular YouTube show, John Steenhuisen chatted about a variety of topics including loadshedding, racism, corruption, and incompetency in the government

He also touched on his own party and former leaders Mmusi Maimane and Helen Zille.

But in a bid to steer away from politics, MacG brought up the topic of the politician’s personal life. He also touched on John’s high-profile split amid allegations of infidelity.

John Steenhuisen is currently married to Terry Beaumont, whom he wed in 2014. Before this, John was married to Julie Steenhuisen from 2000 -2010.

In 2010,  the Witness reported that John engaged in an extra-marital affair with Terry, who was a media liaison officer in KwaZulu-Natal at the time. To make matters worse, Terry was also married to DA provincial director Michael Beaumont during the time of the alleged affair.

When asked by MacG to confirm if he had cheated on his first wife, John Steenhuisen said: “I met somebody. I fell in love with her and she’s now my wife”. He also referred to his current spouse as his “my second and favourite wife”. John also jokingly took a jab at singer Kelly Khumalo, adding: “She won’t take my calls”.

But whilst that may have sounded scandalous enough, John took another swipe at his first wife of a decade.

When asked to define what is “roadkill”, John answered: “Sounds a lot like my ex-wife”. The comment saw both MacG and Sol Phenduka burst into fits of laughter, before “fist-bumping” the outspoken party leader.

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Whilst MacG and many chillers found the “roadkill” comment funny, tweeps, and in particular members of the DA – did not.

This, especially after the party posted a clip of John Steenhuisen making the comment, imploring their followers to “grab a drink and join John for some podcast and chill”.

Here’s what tweeps had to say:

@Aneshree6: “Is this the DA’s official stance on which women matter and which don’t? A disgusting frat boy who wants to be a national leader. Women in the DA, how does it feel that your mediocre man has this attitude towards women? Will you say something?”

@bvhearts: “You constantly show your true colours DA. During women’s month? When it is a well-known fact that he cheated on her? Deplorable and pathetic as a party”

@Leigh2DD: “The roadkill comment was disgusting and ungentlemanly. I’m appalled”

@AyandaTankiso: “This is the clip you make the choice to promote? The clip where John Steenhuisen refers to his ex-wife as roadkill. I am disgusted at your political party & your leaders. Shame on you! In the age of gender-based violence, we need to watch the way we speak about women. Sies!”

@FeeADar1: “If he can talk about the mother of his children like this what respect does he give other women? Disgusting”