Jeremy Mansfield

Covid-19 anti-vaxxers have trolled the death of radio personality Jeremy Mansfield.
Image via Facebook

‘Reaped what he sowed’: Anti-vaxxers troll Jeremy Mansfield death

Covid-19 anti-vaxxers have fuelled a fiery debate on social media following the death of Jeremy Mansfield this week.

Jeremy Mansfield

Covid-19 anti-vaxxers have trolled the death of radio personality Jeremy Mansfield.
Image via Facebook

Weeks after trolling him over his physical appearance, anti-vaxxers have taken things a step further – mocking the death of the late radio personality Jeremy Mansfield.

The veteran TV and radio star lost his battle with stage four liver cancer in the early hours of Monday morning.

On social media, Covid-19 conspiracy theorists expressed their unfounded suspicions about his cancer diagnosis and subsequent death.

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Whilst Jeremy Mansfield was diagnosed with cancer twice in his life – the first time with leukemia in 2009 – it was his battle with liver cancer in 2022 that claimed his life.

In a post that has re-emerged on social media, anti-vaxxers brought up Jeremy Mansfield’s 2021 rant about those who refused to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

The post – dated 1 December 2021 – read: “I am sick and tired of the anti-vaxxer, unfounded, unattributed bulls**t they spread”.

Jeremy then pledged his support to Wits University, which at the time was proposing a mandatory vaccination policy amongst students.

He continued: “Either go and get vaccinated or walk around without a mask in public so that those of us who have shown responsibility can see what f**king stupid actually looks like”.

Jeremy Mansfield
Jeremy Mansfield ranted about people who refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine in a Facebook post on 1 December 2021

A few months later, Jeremy Mansfield revealed that he had been diagnosed with liver cancer.

And following his death this week, anti-vaxxers have shared their opinions on how they think it is all related.

Here’s what they had to say on Twitter:

@MbanjwaWest: “Is his family just going to this lie or pursue Ramaphosa for saying vaccines are safe and effective?  #VaccineSideEffects #vaccineinjuries #PfizerLiedPeopleDied”

@LauraSamson1: “Unfortunately, there are many returning cancers at the moment – most of them progress straight to stage 4.  These are happening in vaccinated people.  Many doctors are talking about this and they are being silenced”

@SA_Mum: “He was cancer free for 13 years…he had leukemia in 2009 which he beat. But was then diagnosed with liver cancer at the beginning of this year. There has been a huge increase in cancer diagnosis since they rolled out the Covid vaccine”

@DopeDD: “Unfortunately, a life is lost but we can’t hide the truth. Anti-vaxxers were called all sorts of names and restrictions were placed against them. So, if it is indeed the vaccine that took his life, then he reaped what he sowed. Sorry, but it is what it is”

@Blessed11587260: “Name calling is not facts. Fact is that the vax enhances any underlying conditions. Drs lost their jobs exposing this, but it is in the Pfizer reports”

@bat12i: “Don’t be quiet about this people. We can no longer sweep it under the carpet. Guy did a lot of good in his life but was a complete twat in the end. He was cancer free for ages. Had the shot and is now dead”


On the flipside of the debate, many tweeps clapped back at one particular anti-vaxxer.

@MullerLize: “He had leukemia in 2009, it was simply the return of cancer in another guise. Nothing to do with vaccines”

@JS_Bond: “He had stage 4 liver cancer and he has been battling it for a long time. This post is insensitive”


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Last month, Jeremy Mansfield’s close friend Sam Cowen revealed that he had been the target of nasty trolls.

This, after he appeared in a rare and brief clip alongside Cowen to thank his followers for their support. In the clip, Jeremy also proposed a “Zoom” meet and greet with his fans.

But that was shelved after Cowen clapped back at cruel trolls for their unwarranted attack on Jeremy.

She shared in an update: “Thank you to everyone who took the time to send lovely messages to Jeremy after Friday’s little video. He was very touched and I think it made a huge difference to him to know how many people love him. 

“Unfortunately, there was some trolling. Luckily it all came to me so I could filter it before it got to him. Unpleasant, but not life-threatening.

For this reason, Sam and other friends of Jeremy Mansfield decided it best to cancel the event.

She continued: “It does mean that we cannot do this live Zoom he wanted to do. As his friends, we can’t allow a situation where someone might take that opportunity to be cruel. As you can see, he is frail and we won’t risk him getting hurt emotionally while he is suffering physically”


Contrary to what anti-vaxxers think, Jeremy Mansfield’s liver cancer diagnosis  followed a string of health woes over the years

In 2009, he was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, which he beat. In 2017, he was hospitalised for two months after becoming infected with a viral superbug.

A year later, he discovered a tumour on his spine, which required two painful surgeries to remove.