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Jason Derulo punched two guys after they called him Usher. Images via Twitter: @RULEOFLAWpl

Jason Derulo throws big punches after being mistaken for Usher [watch]

Jason Derulo is trending online after he was filmed attacking two men who referred to him as Usher in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

jason derulo

Jason Derulo punched two guys after they called him Usher. Images via Twitter: @RULEOFLAWpl

If there’s one thing about Jason Derulo, it’s that he will punch you if you call him Usher. The singer had police officials called on him after he started fighting two guys who called him Usher. The bizarre fight took place in Las Vegas in the early hours of Tuesday morning at a hotel.

Jason Derulo fights two guys who referred to him as Usher

Jason Derulo is famous for songs like Ridin solo and Savage Love. These days though, the musician busies himself with hilarious TikTok videos and challenges.

This must be why when he was spotted by two guys at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, they didn’t seem to recognise him. According to reports, one of the men then shouted: “Hey, Usher! F*** you, bitch!!!”

This decision turned out to be a particularly bad one because Jason didn’t take being called Usher very lightly and subsequently threw himself at the men. Before long they were engaged in a full-on fist fight.

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TMZ reports that the police were called and Jason was removed from the property. The men who he attacked luckily had no serious injuries but did have some bleeding in their faces as a result of Jason’s punches.

No charges

The publication also reports that both men decided not to press charges against Jason but a lawsuit has not been ruled out. Jason also got a trespassing notice from ARIA and was removed from the property shortly after the police were called.

A video of the fight has since gone viral on social media as people discuss the Wiggle singer’s short temper.

@ItsAnndree wrote:

“Wait a minute lemme get this clear…he fought people in the mall bc someone thought he was usher… are you serious what was the point please tell me that? people get accused of being someone all the time and they don’t take it out on fights.”

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