Zeenat Simjee denies affair with Elton Jantjies. Images via Instagram @eltonjantjies.

Elton Jantjies could lose his contract with Japanese club

Sources from the Japanese club UrayasuD-Rocks reveal Elton Jantjies, his wife Iva Ristic and their children could be leaving Japan soon.


Zeenat Simjee denies affair with Elton Jantjies. Images via Instagram @eltonjantjies.

A source from the Japanese club UrayasuD-Rocks has revealed to City Press that the club has been keeping Elton Jantjies because they pity his three children and his wife Iva Ristic.     

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The source also told the publication that Elton Jantjies’ children and wife Iva Ristic could be leaving Japan soon as he stands to lose his contract with the Japanese club UrayasuD-Rocks at the end of the year.  

Rapport revealed that there’s great dissatisfaction in Japan this week and Jantjies’ wife, Iva Ristic, who is in Japan with their three children, had to write a letter asking that his contract not be summarily suspended.  

This is after Jantjies and the Springboks’ dietician, Zeenat Simjee’s alleged affair in two guesthouses came to light last week.  

City Press adds that the Japanese club may keep him until December – when the school year comes to an end – and then the Jantjieses will have to pack their bags.

A mole told the publication the club is only keeping him on because it feels sorry for Ristic and their three children, a source said.  

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His wife Iva Ristic also told Rapport that she did not believe Jantjies “110%” and wanted to know how he blew R26 000 by himself.  

Ristic also slammed the Springboks management and that everyone is concerned about the culture in the Springboks camp  

“If they have a good game, they disappear for a day or two, it is said.”  

Jantjies and Simjee both issued statements on Friday denying the alleged affair. The father of three also apologised and took responsibility for his actions by saying that he’s “a public figure, a role model and hero to many South Africans, and I am expected to adhere to a high standard of moral values”.  

Rapport’s sources confirmed again this week that Jantjies and Simjee were at the guesthouses, while another source claimed there was a private investigator from Jantjies at the guesthouses last week. It is not clear what they were looking for.  

Ristic also revealed in an interview with Huisgenoot that her husband lied to her about what happened on the Emirates flight.  

“I only found out later that he allegedly harassed a flight attendant.”  

Jantjies and Simjee have not responded to the allegations at the time of publishing this article.