Jamie Bartlett

A friend at Jamie Bartlett’s funeral offered words of comfort to the late actor’s girlfriend. Image via @rosa_lixious/Instagram

Jamie Bartlett funeral: Actor cherished girlfriend Rosa’s companionship

Mourners at Jamie Bartlett’s funeral learned of the late star’s love for his girlfriend, Rosa Onious, who was with him when he died.

Jamie Bartlett

A friend at Jamie Bartlett’s funeral offered words of comfort to the late actor’s girlfriend. Image via @rosa_lixious/Instagram

Family and friends of veteran actor Jamie Bartlett have gathered at St George’s Cathedral in Cape Town to pay their last respects to the star who passed away on Monday 23 May.

As per TimesLIVE, the first speaker at the private funeral held on Thursday 2 June, was a friend who gave touching words of comfort to Rosa Onious who is Bartlett’s girlfriend.

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Nicholas Ashby told mourners gathered at the funeral that Bartlett always spoke fondly of his partner.

“His last years with you Rosa, who I’ve not met until now, but kept hearing of when he was down here in Cape Town. He’d keep saying he wished to share this or that other moment with you. Thank you for the love, the joy of home life you provided. Your companionship he cherished,” Ashby said.

Continuing to offer words of comfort, he added that the actor was grateful for her companionship which made his life in Joburg less lonely.

“One of the last things he told me before he said the last goodbye … was how grateful he was to you because, without you and your young family, his life in Johannesburg over the last few years would have been so lonely.”

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According to his girlfriend, whom he had been dating since 2019, the former Rhythm City star died of a cardiac arrest in his sleep, Channel 24 reported.

“We got the autopsy results, and they said it was cardiac arrest,” Onious had told the publication.

She explained that Bartlett had been taking his usual afternoon nap when he, unfortunately, did not wake up.

“They tried everything to resuscitate him, CPR, everything, but it was too late,” she said.

Speaking to TimesLIVE last week, Onious opened up about the difficulty of explaining to her children that Bartlett was no more.

“They saw me crying and I said Jamie is gone. My older daughter sort of understands. I think now that people are coming in to pay their tributes they can see Jamie is not coming back. Obviously, as a single parent, it’s hard to explain, but I have my mom and dad there who are very supportive and his family. We speak every day,” she had said.