Itumeleng Khune

Tweeps have poked fun at Itumeleng Khune who turned 35 this week.
Image via Twitter

‘A permanent AA face’: Itumeleng Khune trolled after 35th birthday

‘Why does he look 53?’: One tweep asked of Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune who celebrated his 35th birthday this week…

Itumeleng Khune

Tweeps have poked fun at Itumeleng Khune who turned 35 this week.
Image via Twitter

While Itumeleng Khune celebrated his birthday, trolls took to the social media platform Twitter to mock not only his age, but his appearance.

The Kaizer Chiefs goalkeeper turned 35 on Monday 20 June.


A week after celebrating their traditional wedding, Itumeleng Khune spent his 35th birthday with his wife, Sphelele, and their two daughters, Lesedi and Amo.

Sharing a picture from their special day, Sphelele shared on Instagram:

“Words are not enough to express how special you are to us (me and our little bears). Thank you for being the best lover/ mpintshi [friend]. Thank you for your warm heart. Know that we’ll always love and appreciate you”.

But it wasn’t all fun and games for Itumeleng Khune, who is currently out of the soccer season due to an injury. 

He tweeted: “It’s going to be the best day ever but I’ll be training to get myself fit for the upcoming season”.


Putting a damper on the birthday celebrations were tweeps to who took to the platform to mock Itumeleng Khune’s ageing appearance

@Starminah13: “Why does he look 53?”

@Tamlynvanwyk1: “Alcohol is not good for people. Just sip some wine here and there late at night before bed. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a permanent AA face when the sun is out.

@locate_the: “This guy looks older than my 55-year-old uncle”

@Philo825225382: “He definitely should start attending AA meetings”


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Itumeleng Khune has previously poked fun at his own appearance, including a picture of him sporting a grey beard.

Responding to one tweep who said he looked “34 years old soccer age and 47 years old real age”, Itumeleng Khune replied: “Since you know me well, yes, and add another 50 on top”.

Itumeleng Khune also expressed his annoyance at the commentary surrounding his age and appearance. He tweeted in January 2021:  “People age differently, what is so hard to understand?”