'Gomora' actress, Katlego Danke as Thati

‘Gomora’ actress, Katlego Danke as Thati. Image via Twitter @KatlegoDanke

‘It was frightening’: Soapie actors who survived COVID-19 twice

‘Gomora’ actress, Katlego Danke, revealed that she is grateful for life after surviving the virus twice.

'Gomora' actress, Katlego Danke as Thati

‘Gomora’ actress, Katlego Danke as Thati. Image via Twitter @KatlegoDanke

More and more actors are contracting COVID-19 while working hard to give us more content as more people are watching TV and staying home to avoid contracting the virus.   

While some actors have contracted COVID-19 multiple times and survived others weren’t so lucky.   

Here are two actresses who tested positive Covid-19 twice and recovered: 


Former Generations actress, Katlego Danke, who currently plays the role of Thati on Gomora, revealed that she tested positive for Covid-19 twice.  

She took to her Instagram account on her birthday (8 November) to express gratitude for life and went on a hot-air balloon ride to celebrate her day.  

“This next chapter is all about taking flight. I woke up with a heart full of gratitude.”

“There must be a reason God saw it fit that I celebrate one more year on this planet after two bouts with COVID-19.”  

Another actress who tested positive for COVID-19 more than once is former The Queen actress, Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo.  

Mdoda, who played the role of Vuyiswa Maake, on the telenovela shared her recovery at home after a long battle with COVID-19 that began in April this year.  

Her family asked for prayers from the public when she was admitted to the hospital this past August.  

Thembisa Mdoda’s Instagram Story. Image via @thembisamdoda

The actress revealed that she first fell ill in April and was in and out of Morningside and Sandton MediClinics in Johannesburg where she received treatment.   

“I was in the hospital on and off for two months from April before spending a full month in hospital recently.”

“It has been a frightening time.”

“I am thankful to the specialists that monitored me carefully, who were able to diagnose and treat me.” 

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